'Top Chef: Texas' Recap: Too Much Salt Will Lick You Every Time

Top Chef: TexasTonight on Top Chef: Texas, we finally got an elimination challenge that was Texas-worthy. It was all about the BBQ, and it all had to be done big.

The chefs were broken into three teams and tasked with cooking three proteins -- chicken, beef, and pork -- plus two sides for 300 people. That’s a lot of barbecue, and they had to work through the night to get the job done.

The smoke, the heat, the stress -- it was a hot episode for sure. Too hot for Sarah Grueneberg, who started feeling ill and was taken off in an ambulance. That left only Edward Lee and Ty-lor Boring on the red team to get the meal out to the hungry masses. Sarah did come waltzing back just in time to serve the judges, but that messed up their system, and for the most part, Ed and Ty-lor carried the team. Ty-lor was pretty kind about it, but Ed was visibly irked by what he perceived as her weakness.


The blue team was the only one that did anything all that interesting with their dishes. Serving Texans barbecue with an Asian twist was risky for sure, but it paid off. Their Brussels sprouts weren’t cooked well enough, but besides that, the fare prepared by Paul Qui, Lindsay Autry, and Grayson Schmitz wowed the judges and they were declared the winners.

As for the rest of the chefs, the judges weren’t happy with any of them and their work this week. In fact, the only one who was safe was Ty-lor, because he won immunity in the quick-fire challenge. That was a good one to win for him this week for sure, because his Kansas-City-style ribs didn’t hit the mark at all. In fact, they were a big miss.  

The judges had harsh words for them all. From telling Beverly Kim that she needed to get a point of view to slamming Sarah’s chicken, there was little love for either team. In the end, it came down to the two Chris’s on the white team who cooked with Dr. Pepper and beer cans ... and not well.

It was “Hollywood” Chris Crary who was sent home in the end, however, for his overuse of salt in the rubs he made for the meat. He used such a heavy hand they were rendered inedible. It was a little ironic because they were serving the fare at Austin’s iconic Salt Lick. It was kind of sad to see him go home both because he was so pretty to look at but also because it was such a basic mistake.

Were you sad/surprised to see Chris Crary sent home on tonight’s episode of Top Chef: Texas?


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