12 Funniest Martha Stewart Moments That Will Make Us Miss Her

martha stewart snoop doggNo, Martha, NO! Today we got some devastating news: the Martha Stewart Show will close once the current season on the Hallmark Channel ends in April. Despite winning two Emmy awards this year for "Outstanding Lifestyle/Culinary Host" (Martha Stewart) and "Outstanding Lifestyle Program," the show just wasn't getting enough viewers.

Aw dang it, who's gonna show us how to make glossy buttercream frosting now? No more shining examples of over-achieving housewifery on the Tee Vee for us! But wait -- looking over highlights from the show over the past few years, I'm realizing that it wasn't all flawless Hollandaise on the Martha show -- people were having a lot more fun on that show that I'd thought! Check out some of the show's silliest moments.

  1. Martha and Snoop Dogg baked brownies together.
  2. She talked with Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert about food porn.
  3. She baked cookies with Cookie Monster.
  4. Loony anti-Martha Amy Sedaris baked a cake.
  5. Martha tapped into her inner stripper to do some pole dancing.
  6. Learning how to make sausage reminded Martha of the obvious: condoms.
  7. She oggled Hugh Jackman's muscles. Wouldn't you?
  8. Jimmy Fallon did his Charlie Sheen impression for her.
  9. Major scoop: Martha got Conan O'Brien's hair secrets. (Hint: They involve nutmeg. Also, delicious with ham.)
  10. Laird Hamilton gave Martha surfing lessons.
  11. Martha showed SNL's Andy Samberg how to make baked Alaskan -- while wearing parkas.
  12. She shared secrets over drinks with Ludacris and Andy Garcia.

Okay, maybe these segments don't have you falling out of your chair. But I was surprised at some of them! I like the quieter, slower pace of the show. It makes the occasional zaniness stand out more. I mean, Snoop Dogg and Martha? What a sweet couple! I'm a little sad to see Martha go. Rumor has it she's shopping around a concept for a new makeover show. Think she can pull it off? It's not roast goose, but I think I'd give it a look.

Are you sad to see the Martha Stewart Show end?


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