Mountain Dew's Dead Mouse-Destroying Powers Can't Be Good News for Your Stomach

mountain dewIf by some chance you have a can of Mountain Dew in front of you right now, maybe you should finish reading this post before you take a sip. (Don't "Do the Dew!") If, on the other hand, that can is already half empty, I suggest you take the remaining Mountain Dew and pour it down the sink. Or empty it outside (just not on the grass or anything else living!).

Or better still, just leave the open can under your kitchen sink or anywhere else you might ordinarily put a mouse trap. All your household pest problems will be solved!

Yes, it's true: Mountain Dew is highly toxic to mice. How toxic? So toxic that the soda can actually turn a mouse's body into a "jelly-like substance."

(Um, you didn't drink any yet, did you?)


It's no urban myth, either -- this absolutely repulsive factoid comes courtesy of Pepsi, the makers of Mountain Dew.

Now that's what I call a horrible marketing campaign, you're probably thinking. But don't worry, you won't see any mouse jelly in the next Mountain Dew commercial. Pepsi released this disturbing info about its product in an attempt to dismiss a disturbing lawsuit against its product: Ronald Ball of Wisconsin claims to have discovered a dead mouse in his can of Mountain Dew (and only a payout in excess of $50,000 is gonna get that taste out of his mouth!).

So the whole Mountain Dew makes mice gelatinous thing is Pepsi's way of proving there's no way Ball popped open a can of carcass. A compelling defense, I suppose, but didn't it cross anyone's mind in Pepsi's legal department that perhaps people would be less than pumped about drinking a substance that can dissolve rodent flesh? Wtf?! It's not like the human digestive system is made of stone! 

Another repulsive factoid that's come to light in the wake of this mice jello scandal: Mountain Dew contains bromated vegetable oil (BVO) a flame retardant chemical banned in Europe and Japan. Mmm, refreshing.

What's that I hear? The sound of thousands of cans of Mountain Dew being poured down sinks across the land ...

Would you drink Mountain Dew after reading this?


Image via Schmeegan/Flickr

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