How to Duck the Starbucks Price Jump

starbucks price increaseFirst of all, how overjoyed is my husband that I bought him one of those "free coffee for the month of January" Starbucks travel mugs? He's going to be one of the only happy Starbucks customers around once they all hear that the coffee giant is raising prices. Because clearly, you are not paying enough for your triple soy gingerbread latte.

I get it. Fancy coffees are a luxury item. You can make your own coffee at home for pennies, and you certainly aren't entitled to extra foam for free. Yet it still seems a little bit tone deaf that a purveyor of food and drink would raise its prices when we're all struggling, economically-speaking. After all, what's the first thing people advise you to do when you need to save money? That's right: Give up your daily latte.

But if you're not quite ready to ditch your Starbucks habit, here's how you can avoid those cost increases and still get your java on.


1. Order the Grande

I always order a grande latte, and it seems that now it is actually a smart move instead of ostentatious. (Ahem.) Because the tall latte and the tall brewed coffee drinks will be increasing by 10 cents, but the grande price will stay the same.

2. Move

Some of us lucky caffeine junkies won't be affected by the Starbucks price increase at all simply because of the location. The AP reports that, in reality, not everyone will be paying more. They say: 

"The Seattle coffee chain is raising prices about 1 percent in the Northeast and Sunbelt regions. Starbucks won't disclose all of the states its raising prices, but the regions include New York, Washington, D.C., and most Southern states excluding California and Florida.

Other cities where it will raise prices include Boston, Atlanta, Dallas, and Albuquerque, N.M."

So there you have it, move!

Although apparently Florida and California already got a price increase in November, which I didn't even notice. Which is why, perhaps, this price increase will come and go and no one will even care, as long as they get their macchiato fix.

Will you still go to Starbucks with the price increase?

Image via actiondatsun/Flickr

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