New ‘Founding Fathers’ Beer Helps Military Families in Awesome Way

Founding Fathers LagerIf there was ever a solid reason to pop open an ice cold beer, I've found it. Meet Founding Fathers Beer, a brew that hit shelves in Minnesota last week. Sure, the name sounds cool -- but that's not the biggest selling point here. If you buy one (or a few) of these puppies, 50 percent of the sales benefit two military charities -- the Minnesota Military Family Foundation and Tee It Up for Troops. Yes, I said 50 percent! What's not to like, right?

I know what you might be thinking: This is a bit gimmicky. You know what? I don't mind in the slightest. Bring. It. On.


Whether Founding Fathers were to donate 25 percent or 75 percent of the proceeds to military families, the fact is that, yes, they are donating. In today's tough economy, that's not as common as most of us would hope. Phil Knutsen, the CEO of Founding Fathers, told that the need is out there:

It's important because the stress that our military has had on it over the least 10 years has left a lot of families in need and Founding Fathers thought [selling this beer] was a great opportunity to raise a lot of money for them.

Founding Fathers currently bottles two beers, a lager and a light ale, and has a premium version in the works. I'm not much of a lager gal myself, but I'd definitely buy some for my dad or a friend over, say, a pack of Sam Adams or Coors Light.

Currently only for sale in Minnesota and North Dakota, Founding Fathers is working on getting their product into retail shops throughout the U.S, and I hope they do. I know first hand how tough it is to be fighting an emotional battle at home while someone you love is fighting abroad. Sure, it may just be one product, but nationwide distribution (which the site says would benefit the Armed Forces Relief Trust) would bring in more money for even more supportive families across the country. I'd definitely cheers to that.

Would you buy Founding Fathers beer?


Image via Founding Fathers

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