Foie Gras Burger Isn't the Craziest Fast Food Out There (PHOTOS)

Wendy's Foie Gras BurgerWhen you think of burger toppings, you think of the usual suspects, don't ya? Lettuce, tomato, cheese, that sort of stuff. Well, Wendy's thinks a bit differently. The popular fast food chain is mixing things up at their new restaurant in Tokyo by adding some flare with a new ingredient: Foie gras. Yup, the foie gras hamburger comes stacked with a hefty $16 price tag and is available RIGHT NOW!

Why does Tokyo have to be so far away?! Sure, fatty liver isn't my go-to burger topping, but I've got to admit the idea piques my interest. Besides, when it comes to the crazy stuff fast food joints sell from Hawaii to Japan -- foie gras is pretty tame. Take a look at these 5 unconventional fast food items from across the globe:


McDonald's Spam McGriddle
Where: Hawaii
Inside: Spam, pineapple, and rice. Rice? Next to Spam? On a bun? Thanks, but no thanks.

McDonald's Spam McGriddle

Pizza Hut's Double Roll Pizza
Where: Japan
Inside: On one half of the pizza, there's mini sausage and bacon stuffed crust, paprika, corn, and hamburger. On the other? Sausage, bacon bits, ham, green peppers, garlic chips, tomato, and cheddar and mozzarella stuffed crust. This monstrous pizza is just WAY too much for me.

McDonald's Bacon Roll
Where: The UK
Inside: Smoked bacon, brown sauce, and a roll. Sounds to me like something's missing here, right? I just cant see the point of eating a plain bacon sandwich.

McDonald's Bacon Roll

Starbuck's Coffee Jelly Frappuccino
Where: Japan
Inside: Coffee jelly, Frappuccino mix, ice, and whipped cream. I don't know about you, but the idea of slurping the "jelly" through a straw skeeves me out!

Starbucks Jelly Frappuccino

Burger King's Meat Monster
Where: Japan
Inside: Two hamburgers, a chicken breast, piles of bacon, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and onion. I can't believe I thought KFC's Double Down was bad! This Meat Monster packs enough meat to last me a whole month!

What's the wackiest fast food item you've ever heard of? Would you try any of these creations?


Image via Wendy's Japan, Ethan Prater/ Flickr, McDonald's UK, perry_marco/ Flickr

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