Where to Dine Out on Christmas (And Why You Should!)


eating out on christmas dayAre you super burned out on the holidays, already? Tired of baking, cooking, cleaning, and entertaining? Are you dreading the day-long event of preparing food that some people may not even appreciate? Or, perhaps, you aren't even celebrating Christmas and don't want to be forced to stay home. You're in luck! Because tons of chain restaurants are actually open on that holy day for Christians, ready to cater to everyone who doesn't celebrate, or simply wants a great reason to escape from their homes on December 25th.

You know what? You should totally do this -- reveler or not.

First of all, you can start the day at Dunkin' Donuts and fill up on some of the best coffee and donuts in town. But don't stop there! Head over to Denny's to enjoy a Moon Over MyHammy, or to Applebee's for some Double Barrel Whiskey Sirloins. That'll get the merriment started. You can check out the entire list on The Huffington Post, and start dreaming about stuffed crust pizza and buffalo wings right now.

But for the fancy in your crew, here are some more upscale dining options, hopefully in your neighborhood:

New York City

Balthazar - Call now for reservations at Balthazar, the famed SOHO spot where you can get your fancy French dinner in style. Bonus -- perhaps all the douchey media types won't be there since it's not a work day.


Smith & Wollensky -- Why not go to the ultimate steak house while you're celebrating the season? Gangsters not included.


Asia de Cuba at the Mondrian will give you a completely different twist on Christmas dining. And you should go with it.

Los Angeles

Campanile - The James Beard Award winning, historic building that Charlie Chaplin had built is your perfect Hollywood indulgence on Christmas.

San Francisco

The Stinking Rose -- You must be a fan of garlic to get your Italian eat on at The Stinking Rose. But if traditional Italian, heavy on the bulb, appeals to you, you can sit down for a Christmas dinner on the 25th.


Market by Jean Georges -- The perfect way to find culinary heaven on Christmas Day, head to the W hotel where this Jean Georges joint will be ready to serve.


Craft - If you haven't tried Tom Colicchio's Craft restaurants yet, there's no time like Christmas in Dallas to indulge.

Will you go out to eat on Christmas?


Image via Francesco Crippa/Flickr

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kkey75 kkey75

The only things open on Christmas where I live are a couple gas stations(most are closed) and the Waffle House. That's it.

ashja ashja

This is a tradition in my family. As a kid it was always fun getting to wear your new clothes and go out someplace fancy and get whatever you wanted to eat. And mom was in a good mood because she wasn't relegated to the kitchen all day on her holiday. I like getting my kids out of the house after the  madness of all the toy opening!

koolc... koolchicken

I think it's a horrible shame so many resturants are open on Christmas. My sister has been a waitress for the past couple of years to help put herself through school and has had to miss spending the holiday at home, with her family, because her boss insisted she work. No she doesn't recieve time and a half, she doesn't get so much as a free meal. She does however have to carry burning hot heavy trays of food to people who aren't paying attention to their kids cause "it's their holiday too". Then they'll leave a tip that would have made Scrooge himsef proud, even though my sister always gives excellent service and it's a wealthy community.

ashja ashja

That's too bad, I always tip extra on holidays. I used to like to work holidays when I was young because I got extra pay, that's really crappy that she doesn't.

nonmember avatar autumn

Asia de Cuba at the mondrian in LA is fabulous as well! Then have a drink at the skybar by thier pool afterwards:)

Ari. Ari.

It is a shame restaurants have to be open on the holidays, but if there wasn't such a high demand for people who didn't want to cook themselves, it wouldn't be an issue. I haven't spent a single holiday with my family (except maybe Arbor Day) since I was 16.

It sucks more for the cooks than the servers. They work on their feet all day long, making nothing extra and having to prep days/weeks in advance in a hot kitchen. Servers come in day of, do some side work, and make bank just because of the sheer volume most places do on Christmas.

mande... manderspanders

Our Christmas as always wrapped up by mid-afternoon Christmas Day.  After 2 days of family, feasting, and merriment; 1 week of hardcore baking and candy making; and a month of decorating and Christmas shopping, the LAST thing I want to do is figure out supper on Christmas Day (or eat any leftovers). For years, we'd go to the Chinese buffett for dinner, as it was about the only thing open in town. Once we went to Buger King.  I do believe that tomorrow evening we'll be dining at IHOP (they'll be open AND we have coupons!).

The best Christmases end with me not be stressed to the max and feeling even more tired/overwhelmed.

ashja ashja

@manderspanders - I love that! We have had years where we ended up at a diner, IHOP sounds great! It's all about the time and everyone getting to eat together and come home to a clean kitchen!

As for the people saying it's not fair to restaurant workers, we all have days at work that are more hectic than others. A lot of people have no place to go on holidays and don't mind working, I always did when I was younger.  A lot of people who get paid by the hour with no holiday pay like having the option to work, otherwise they end up with a short check. If it bothers you that much, get an office job so you know you won't have to work holidays. I know I tip really well on Christmas, and I think most people do!

frysh... fryshannon34

Naaaa we stay home I like to cook

slw123 slw123

I would so go out to eat for Christmas if the family didn't all come to our house.  But every year we have a big dinner at home.  Everyone brings something and I don't have to do it all and neither does anyone else.

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