White Castle Is Selling Booze & It's About Time

white castle serving alcoholWant a Bud with those fries?Thanks to Harold and Kumar, the only mind-altering substance most of us associate with White Castle is the weed. But the fast food chain with the tiny burgers is looking to change that idea by offering wine and beer with the sliders and fries. That's right, another chain fast food joint is giving in to sinful alcohol! Woot!?

There are a couple of issues with this idea, even though I certainly think White Castle is on the right track. One, is that this roll out is very limited, so you may have to travel to get your fix with a cocktail on the side. The other problem? Is just that it's White Castle.


Maybe it's because I didn't grow up with White Castle. The only one I lived near in Brooklyn was the most beat down fast food restaurant I've ever seen, so there was not enough booze to convince me to go there for dinner. I mean, I'd have to be really, really, really, drunk to be willing to eat White Castle. Really. Which is probably why this is a good idea after all. Because the more you drink the less picky you get about your food.

In that case, McDonald's and Burger King should be lining up the taps as well. If every fast food place started offering booze, don't you think their sales would jump? Greasy food suddenly feels like a necessity when you're shotgunning beers. It's the perfect match! Why didn't anyone think of this before? Okay, I'm fully behind this idea after all.

Even though they're testing this in markets where they sell barbecue as well as their sliders, I think we all know the addition of beer and wine at White Castle is a winner. It's just amazing that it took so long.

Would you drink a beer with your White Castle? Would drinking beer make you eat White Castle?


Image via Like_the_Grand_Canyon/Flickr


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