Charging $25K for Cooking Lessons With Todd English Is Robbery

Todd English
Todd English
If you could hang out with anyone in the world, who would it be? Someone famous, right? Like Martha Stewart? Or maybe Ryan Gosling? If you were thinking of celebrity chef Todd English (of course you were!), you're in luck.

Private cooking lessons and a dinner for two with the 51-year-old chef are going up for sale on Groupon today. The swanky package also includes a three-night hotel stay, a double-thumbed oven mitt, a few signed copies of English's cookbook, and a $100 food-and-beverage credit to a fancy New York City restaurant.

If you've got googly eyes for English (and how could you not?) and are interested, this deal is perfect. However, it's gonna cost you a pretty penny. Actually, a lot of pennies. The total price tag? $25,000!

Being able to cook is very important, necessary even, but $25,000 is way too much money for a cooking class from ANYONE.


I don't care how hunky English is, think about how many other things you could do with $25,000. Personally, I could see myself remodelling my kitchen, buying a few dozen new appliances, and snagging groceries for a year (or three) with that kind of cash. Oooh, maybe I'd even spring for that expensive yummy ketchup I adore every now and again!

For a lot less than $25,000, you could also buy yourself a bazillion cooking books. I wasn't big into cooking until within the last three years or so. Now, I adore it. Most everything I know, I've taught myself from recipes and books, and now it's really fulfilling every time I set foot in my kitchen. Wouldn't you much rather that feeling, one of self appreciation and achievement, than an empty feeling realizing how much debt you're in from your "once-in-a-lifetime" educational cooking experience? Right, me too.

Also, let's be realistic about what you'll learn in the pricey cooking class with Mr. English. Unless the chef sits down with whoever purchases this deal for a four-day closed-doors intensive cooking summit, there's no way that it could be worth it! Whether it be with Todd or any other celebrity chef, I'd want to know how that my super pricey cooking class involved learning how to make everything from crepes to souffles. I have an eensy inkling that's not happening with this Groupon.

I'll stick to Joy of Cooking and the world of Google at my fingertips, for now.

Do you think you can put a price on good cooking skills?


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