Hilarious Molasses Ads With Sexy Grandmas Heat Up Your Kitchen (PHOTOS)

sexy grandma molassesLooking for a little inspiration for your holiday baking? Does Elder Love sound like a rocking good time? Combine the two, and pick up some Crosby's molasses! It's true, this molasses company from Canada is titillating us all by providing some sexual innuendo with your baking supplies. Using Grandma and her muffins to push their baking products is the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit. How much fun is it that Grandma has something else going on besides "her stories"?

While some people might feel Grandmas everywhere are being made fun of, I say go get 'em granny! It's about time older ladies get to be seen as sexual beings, even if it's connected to their kitchens. Especially if it's connected to their kitchens, because the stove is HOT.

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sexy grandma molasses

And bake up some pie, right? RIGHT.

sexy grandma molasses

Spicy ginger cookie. Get it?

sexy grandma molassesThis Grandma definitely still has it. And anyone who is willing to experiment in the kitchen ...

It's no secret sex sells. And it's no secret that food can be a sensuous part of foreplay -- at any age. Even if part of what makes this funny is the idea that sex and old people is hilarious, I still love the idea of reminding people that you can still get your freak on at any age. Because it's totally true and should be celebrated. And it makes me want to buy some molasses.

Do these ads offend, excite, or make you hungry for molasses?

Images via Crosby's

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