5 Snacks to Leave Out for Santa That Aren't Cookies


cookies for santaSanta and I just had a little pow-wow, and there's something he'd like you to know: He's getting a little sick of the cookies. Oh I know, yours are THE BEST and your kids decorated them with ultimate frosting cuteness. But the Jolly One can only eat so many cookies in one night. Actually, Santa wants a cocktail. And maybe a ham sandwich.

It's unorthodox, but Santa might appreciate a different kind of snack. Something with protein. Something with a little kick to keep him going. It's a long night! Why not? Apparently, alternative snacks for Santa is a growing trend. Cooking Light asked its readers what snacks they leave out for Santa, and there were some surprising answers. I have a few suggestions of my own.

1. One Cooking Light reader serves "soy milk, carrots, brie and Gorgonzola crackers." Okay, the combination of soy milk and cheese doesn't make sense to me, either. But cheese comes up a lot and I am totally down with that! Er, I mean, if that's what you want to leave Santa I'm sure he would like it very much. But leave out the jicama. That will result in a lump of coal in your stocking.

2. If you want to make Santa a sandwich that would probably go over really well. I'm just saying. Santa especially likes salami with a strong mustard, maybe some sharp cheddar. Santa likes a few olives and cornichon on the side.

3. Or you could go a completely different direction and leave out an everything bagel with lox and cream cheese. Surprise Santa! He likes those kinds of salty-savory surprises.

4. Whiskey is strongly encouraged. Santa has had plenty of eggnog this season -- and besides, it's cold outside and he needs something to warm his belly. Or a sidecar, if you're feeling ambitious. That would also go over well.

5. And in case you're thinking of the reindeer, yes, I supposed they would like some carrots. But they also like barbecue-flavored potato chips. Just a tip, there.

Do you leave Santa snacks other than milk and cookies on Christmas Eve?


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jands... jandshyne

Santa has been getting spiked Egg Nog here for YEARS.  My son started it as a joke a few years ago when we went to my parents for Christmas Eve and had Egg Nog with Rum in it.  He allowed as how Santa might like a nip in his Egg Nog too and as long as it wasn't too much he couldn't get in trouble for "drinking and flying"  :)  True story!  Other than that the kids and I bake and decorate cookies because it's a fun tradition and he gets those and carrots for the deer.  I would be sad if we didn't bake and decorate our cookies and they didn't go through the tradition of putting them out.  It's a good memory from my childhood and one we'll have from theirs with a tiny twist of Captain Morgan.

shyan... shyanntech

Ever year we leave out raindeer snacks, oatmeal & sugar & then food coloring that is the little extra we put in it. it was my sons idea.. then we leave out cookies all the time.. i like the year we left out the cookies and daddy came home from work and spaced out what i was up to and eat a bite out of all the cookies.. we did leave out milk one year but the dog got that.. so we stop leaving out milk.. lol 

jands... jandshyne

@shyanntech I have cats and dogs so the Eggnog and cookies get put up high.  For some reason my dogs and cats don't care for the spiked Eggnog :)  Win for us because we have kittens running around this year!

Saphi... SaphiraJFire

when I was really little the only thing I wated to put out was carrots. idk why lol

My DH sugested a playboy because he is alone for long time on the trip! haha inspire him to give big I guess lmao


lalas... lalasmama2007

Santa gets soy milk and cookies here.  "Santa" is lactose intolerant and I don't like milk. lol


Definitely a little Jack Daniels. :)

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