The Craziest Fast Food Crimes of 2011

fast food crimeIt's happened again, everybody. Someone went crazy in the drive-thru lane while picking up some fast food. This time, it was a teacher (a teacher!!!!) getting her breakfast at McDonald's. Simone Paolercio, of Florida (where these things seem to happen a lot), bought $20 worth of breakfast foods from McDonald's, and then something did not satisfy.

Instead of putting in a polite request with the management, Paolercio proceeded to throw hash browns at an employee and then -- oddly -- stack up her pancakes, coffee, and whatever other goodies she had in her bag on the drive-thru window. It was all caught on video and she was busted later by the police for battery. Battery with hash browns.

We've seen a rash in drive-thru and fast food crime this year. What is it? The high fat? Escalating levels of sodium? Dashed expectations from those delicious-looking commercials?

No matter what the cause, here are the worst criminals in the fast food oeuvre of 2011.


Drunk Driving at Taco Bell

This dude passed out he was so wasted, but not until after he got his tacos! But definitely before he ate them. Since he presented to them to the police that showed up to bust him instead of his license. Waa-waa. (That's the noise the bad/sad joke makes.)

Selling Fake iPads at McDonald's

After you've loaded up on your chicken nuggets and shamrock shake, why not buy an iPad for a steal? Because it's a painted block of wood in a FedEx box, that's why. D'oh.

Shooting Out the Window at Taco Bell

The crazy doesn't stop at Taco Bell. This guy was so mad his crunchy beef taco went up in price, he shot at the drive-thru window with his BB gun. Yes, because those fines and jail time are totally less expensive than the extra 50 cents you'd have to pay to get your taco.

Selling Babies at Taco Bell

At least none of the employees were targeted in this crime, but it is more horrific. A mom tried to sell her baby boy for $500.

Beating at McDonald's

This one is not only horrible to watch, but the employee who filmed it and posted it on YouTube is disgusting as well. Two teenage girls attacked a transgender woman in McDonald's until she started to have seizures. Yeah, that'll put you in the mood for a McRib.

Wow, working at fast food joints this year has been rough. Which may be why this guy quit his post at Taco Bell, in spectacular fashion.

Do you work in fast food? Is it a nightmare?

Image via wachovia_138/Flickr

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