Wine You Can Feel Good About BEFORE the Buzz Kicks In

organic natural wineWhether you're decking the halls, lighting the menorah, or having super fantastic dinner parties just because, you're going to need some wine on that table to get that party started. Sure you could shop by pretty label (I mean, who hasn't?), or grab the same brand you heard somebody liked once and so you'll never waver from a "sure thing," but why not put a little extra thought into your alcoholic beverage of choice?

Wine is evolving and changing with the times, and wine makers understand that some of us are looking for a little bit more than a tipsy evening. Here are 5 wines that go above and beyond the job of quenching our thirst and actually do some real good.



Not only does this organic wine pooh-pooh the use of synthetic fertilizers and chemicals, it's packed in eco-friendly packaging that cuts down on waste, as well as transportation costs. Red or white, you can guzzle without guilt on the Cabernet Sauvignon or the Chardonnay.


The whole point of Humanitas wine is to be a winery that gives back. You're giving to education, hunger, and affordable housing charities every time you knock back one of these bottles of outstanding wine. Bottoms up!

Greater Purpose

The Coleman family does not mess around, and with three of them in charge (and one other dude), Greater Purpose wine was born. This family is giving 55 percent of their profits to villages with orphaned and abandoned children. Providing food, water, shelter, and education to these kids, one sip at a time.

Badger Mountain

The first certified organic winery in Washington state, Badger Mountain continues with their commitment to be sustainable, organic, and to giving back. Bill Powers goes the extra mile in using bio-diesel in his machines, and inventing new ways to protect the environment and wildlife around the vineyard. From fertilizer to machinery, Badger Mountain has thought of everything, with an eye on the earth.

OneHope Wine

Have several causes you feel strongly about but not quite sure how to donate? Buy a few bottles of wine from OneHope and feel good that this vino company is donating back. Pick up the Pinot Noir to support children's hospitals, the Chardonnay for breast cancer, the Merlot to fight AIDS, the Zinfandel supports our troops, and the Cabernet Sauvignon for the fight against autism. 

Do you think about these things when you buy wine?

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