21 Secrets to the Perfect Cupcake

cupcakeHappy National Cupcake Day! Have you had your cupcake yet today? I sure have -- a luscious, fudgy chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting. Oooh, I think I need another. But while I was eating my cupcake I got to wondering -- what is it that makes a cupcake so wonderful? And why do we all have so many opinions on what makes the perfect cupcake?

I took a quick poll of the Stir staff to find out what makes the perfect cupcake for them. And I got a crazy range of replies! Have a look and find out where you fall in the Great Cupcake Debate.



First there's the frosting. Some people love more -- and some people prefer less. Just for the record, I'm on Team Frosting -- the more the better!

Those cupcakes with the tiny dollop on top – perfect!

The consistency of the frosting should complement the flavor of the cupcake. Like a lighter flavored cupcake with a really heavy frosting is nastayyyy.

Frosting, all frosting, the cake is just a means of delivery.

Just the right amount of frosting – I hate when cupcakes have a 5 inch layer of frosting.

I have to taste more “cake” than frosting, which is overbearing and sometimes the icing is used to mask a very average or inadequate cake.

Frosting that's not TOO sweet.

Really stellar icing.

Frosting that's not too dense -- fluffy/creamy wins every time.

A fudgy icing.

Simplicity – I don’t like any cupcake with too much stuff on it or in it.

And then there's the cake. There seems to be more consensus here -- it's got to be moist! No one likes a dry, crumbly cupcake.

The cake not being dry. I hate that. Moist cake, please!

Moist cake -- dry cupcakes suck.

A moist cake part.

One that doesn’t break in your hand when you take a bite.

The perfect texture. Holds together. Not too dry.

Moist cake. I don’t like a cupcake that crumbles when I try to eat it.

The moist texture of the cupcake.

When the cake isn’t all crumbly.

And finally, there were some surprise answers that weren't about the frosting-to-cake ratio. How about these extras?

Delicious Cream Filling

They need to be bite-sized!

Real ingredients! Vanilla beans, fresh fruit. No extracts or flavorings. And, by the way, made with REAL butter – no shortening or margarine allowed!

How about you? What do you think is the perfect frosting-to-cake ratio? What makes the perfect cupcake for you?


Image via bossacafez/Flickr

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