The Hottest Recipes of 2011 Have One Thing in Common

best recipes google searchThe Google Zeitgeist has spoken, everyone. Whether you want to know what people, companies, news events, or even images people searched for the most, the Zeitgeist will fill you in. Apparently the Zeitgeist even knows what we're eating, as the TODAY show announced five of the most searched for recipes on the world wide web this year. It turns out, we love comfort food.

It also turns out that The Stir has recipes for the fab five, which include: pancakes, meatloaf, chili, banana bread (random?), and chicken breasts. Let's revisit those fine recipes, shall we?


Chicken Breasts

This is my favorite way to cook chicken breasts, and I shared this Italian Surprise dish on The Stir awhile ago. It's still #1, and you all should try this when you want your chicken breast to really wow the people.


This is how you make meatloaf super fun: Meatloaf muffins! I'm trying this recipe right ... now.


Cocoa pancakes from scratch? Yes, please.


It's your lucky day if you love chili, because we have a round-up of chili for all-occasions. One-pot, chicken, vegetarian, chocolate (!), pumpkin pie, and Crock-Pot. It's all here to warm your winter.

Banana Bread

There are all kinds of banana bread out there, but what you really want is one that is moist. Because no one wants a block of banana bread on their table.

Aren't you glad The Stir has been providing you with the most popular recipes of the year? I know I'm inspired to heat up the oven and chow down.

Have you tried any of these recipes?


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