'Top Chef: Texas' Recap: Game On!

Top Chef TexasNo one was safe this week on Top Chef: Texas, as the quick-fire challenge didn't come with immunity tonight. The chefs quickly cooked up some tequila-friendly dishes, and Ty-Lor Boring brought in the win and $5,000 for his steamed clams in Thai-style fish caramel sauce, but no free pass.

Then the real game started. The real gamey game.

The chefs were paired up and asked to cook up some game dishes for a variety of chef judges. They also had to cook a few extra plates for their fellow chefs as everyone was a judge. Oh, and it was double elimination, so both members of the losing team were going home. The stakes were high.


So off the teams went to cook elk, squab, boar, duck, and other game. Ed and Ty-Lor impressed with their sorghum quail and were declared the winners. Then they and the rest of the chefs had to decided which three teams were the worst and send them in.

Nyesha and Dakota were there because their venison was significantly undercooked; everyone loved the rest of the dish. Chris and Lindsay were there because once again Chris tried to get too creative. His sweet potato rings just didn't work, and the boar was deemed rather boring.

Finally Heather and Beverly were there for their duck and because their plate didn't seem cohesive. No surprise since they didn't work cohesively together. Let me just say that I was hoping they'd be the ones who got cut. Nothing against Bev, but Heather needs to go. What a bully. And the way she tore her own teammate down was just crazy, because if Bev was going home, so was she.

In the end Heather and Bev were safe, but at least the judges saw some of Heather's true colors, and that will hopefully factor into some future decisions they make. In the end, it was the rare venison that sent Neyesha and Dakota home. Dakota was crushed that it was her mistake that took down Neyesha ... but that's the game.

Did you think the right team was sent home this week?

Image via Bravo

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