Man Drugging Christmas Revelers With Poisoned Schnapps Is a Bad Santa

christmas marketThere's a wicked elf dressed like Santa running loose in German Christmas markets. He's spiking people's drinks with poison schnapps -- and he's already made 10 people very ill (some have gone to the hospital)! Witnesses say that he's a tall, blond man in his 40s who invites everyone to celebrate the birth of his son.

No one has died yet from drinking the poisoned schnapps yet, but a few people passed out. Unfortunately, evil Santa is still on the loose. There's a €1,000 reward for finding the guy. Who would do such a thing? It sounds pretty awful for the Germans, but could something like that happen here?


Christmas markets are a tradition in Germany -- all over Europe, actually. They're outdoor markets where you can buy hand-crafted gifts, drink mulled wine, and eat holiday treats. The markets are especially popular with families -- some even have rides for the kids. It's a charming custom for the whole community. What a shame that someone is taking advantage of it!

I'm trying to imagine what that would look like here in the US. Not all towns and cities here have Christmas markets like Germany's, but we do have tree-lighting ceremonies, and ice skating rinks, and holiday parties galore. There's almost always hot cocoa at these events and, depending on who's hosting, also wine or cocktails.

If someone in a Santa suit at a holiday party came up to you with a mini-bottle -- of any kind -- and yelled, "A TOAST TO MY NEWBORN SON!" what would you do? Would you smile politely and sniff the bottle? Or would you say, "Well how sweet! Cheers!" I hate to say it, but I would probably take that little bottle. I hate schnapps, but it's hard for me to resist a toast. This winter, though, maybe I'll be a little less trusting.

Could you see yourself getting poisoned like the Christmas market revelers?


Image via seelensturm/Flickr

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