5-Year-Olds Making Cappuccino Show Baristas Have It Easy (VIDEO)


five-year-old barristasIs there some reason why we tip baristas and not fast food employees? Because going by this espresso-making video we just came across, even a 5-year-old could make you a decent cappuccino -- cute foam heart included!

Awwww, check it out: Little Ellanie and Ethan carefully operate the espresso machine. Look at that crema! And then they steam the milk and pour it just so. And with the sweetest smiles, too. When was the last time your barista served you a smile? Never, that's when. So now I'm wondering, if a couple of 5-year-olds can make a gorgeous cappuccino, doesn't that make the job look kind of easy?

Seriously, if a 5-year-old can make a cappuccino that kind of puts the art of high-end brewing on the same difficulty level as flipping burgers. Both involve industrial equipment, both involve dangerous levels of heat, and both have to be done a certain way. The burger flipper has the added responsibility of not killing customers with undercooked, contaminated beef. Who ever died from lack of crema in their espresso? If you ask me, burger flippers are the real life-savers.

But hey, I'm not recommending we start acting like Scrooge and stop tipping the baristas. Kids have to pay for their art degrees from Bard somehow, right? Maybe we should be tipping both baristas and the burger flippers. Just because the baristas make fancier, more expensive food doesn't make their jobs are any harder. And geez, you'd think if you were surrounded by yummy coffee smells, far from the burger grease, you'd smile a little more!

Meanwhile, baristas being baristas, there is already a debate brewing over whether the kids made a cappuccino or a latte over in the comments section on Eater. Excuse me! Coffee experts in the room! Oh brother, I guess they have to justify those tips somehow.



Image via YouTube

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Caela... CaelanOceanamom

You tip your baristas because we put up with people like you. When was the last time a fast food employee re-made your fries cause they didn't taste right? Never, that's when.

It's not just about making drinks; it's the service and human connection. If you aren't getting these things then it is the people, not the job title. And we're not paying for our degrees; we are paying rent; most of my team already have their degrees and count on that tip money to feed themselves.

Saying kids can do it is degrading and insulting.

nonmember avatar Cee

Five year olds can write better articles than this.. Lets have them replace YOU!

Seriously, what kind of disrespect to struggling students and workers is this? Just because you're probably a stay at home mom that gets money handed to her by her hubby doesn't mean that that's the way everyone gets money.

Some people have to put up with a line bursting out the door at 6am full of impatient people who want "non fat, soy, sugar free, double whipped cream" without as much as a thank you because they haven't had their "morning brew " and still go home and study for the artsy finals of this place called college that you obviously dont care for and probably didn't go to.

starr... starrsitter

For upwards of 3 grand, your espresso machine should come with someone to run it.  I don't know if I'd choose a 5 year old, though.

I'll keep my $25 3-cup Bialetti machinetta, thanks.  Compared to the crap most coffee shops serve, anyways...

nonmember avatar zizz

I agree with the first two commenters. You sound like a total ass, the kind that baristas have to deal with on a daily basis. Yes, kids can make coffee (I wouldn't let mine...do you know how HOT that steam and equipment is?!) Kids can also make sandwiches and fries and write parking tickets but that doesn't give you the right to demean the people who depend on that kind of service work to pay the rent and eat. Standing on your feet all day in a service job can be hellish, because it's mundane, draining and people, much like yourself, are jerks.

Wheep... Wheepingchree

I feel so lucky to work in the coffee shop in my town. I never deal with disrespectful people like you seem to be. I make about $15/hour being a professional barista. Why? Because I work hard, am gracious to my customers, and make a mean latte. You sound like you need to go work in food service for a week to gain some perspective.

Wheep... Wheepingchree

Starsitter, our espresso machine at 2 Alices cost 12 grand! No way a five year old is touching that!!

LaNahaul LaNahaul

Wow. This article has so much wrong with it, its not even funny!! I've been a barista for over 6 years and having to deal with people like YOU is the only bad part of my day. My team and I are always happy and pleasant and have many regulars that come back to see us. Not only does it take a while to MEMORIZE more than "just a cappuccino", it takes a little longer to become comfortable with it. Not only do we have to make a million drinks at once, but every single one of them needs to made a special way (I.e. extra shots, extra syrup, splenda, sweet and low, half caf, half a shot, hot but not too hot, etc). It's tough to work in the food service and some people can't handle it (probably you by the looks of what you've written here). I have been doing this job because I love it and customers can see that. It's a shame that all you've met are grouchy baristas because we are not all that way. Shame on you for passing judgement!

starr... starrsitter

My point, Wheepingchree, is that this video is an ad for a website that sells home use coffee equipment (including mid-priced espresso machines).  $3K for an espresso machine is a luxury few can afford, regardless of whether it is simple enough for a five year old to use it. Thus, my remark about that price including someone to operate it...

I was being snarky.  Apparently, it was lost on some people.

nonmember avatar Jules

And how did you pay for your art degree at Bard, Adriana? Because as a part-time barista to supplement my 8-5, M-F paycheck in order to pay off my student loans and tuition, I'm open to ideas that don't include being sneered at & ridiculed by people like you.
At 25-years-old, I work 60-70 hours a week. And I still haven't been able to graduate from college because I don't have the money or now, the time. People in my position already often feel they're floundering or worthless because they just can't keep their head above water, no matter how hard they try. Who are you to make us feel worse? You're about as mature and compassionate as the woman who screamed in my face & literally dumped her latte on our cafe floor because her cup was marked incorrectly by a new employee who was still learning & she was given soy milk instead of skim. But I'm the one no better than a five-year-old, right?
I'll survive without your tip. But don't you dare judge me.

Saman... Samanthamommy

I wouldn't be OK with my kids doing that- it gets too hot.

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