Starbucks Free Coffee Deal Is the Ideal Gift (If You Can Get It)

Free Brewed TumblerAs you're frantically searching for those perfect remaining holiday gifts and almost ready to just cave and reach for another gift card, stop and listen to today's deal from Starbucks. It's a great one for the java junkie in your life, and they'll be thanking you for at least 31 days after.

It's part of Starbucks' 12 Days of Gifting promotion in which each day they offer a new special. Today's one-day deal is definitely worth snagging right away if you can. But it won't be easy; it's quickly become like the Tickle Me Elmo for the caffeine-loving crowd. Here's how it works:


For $19.99, you purchase a 16-ounce insulated tumbler that you can wrap up with up a bow. It's a nice cup on its own, but the best part is that they can then take it back to Starbucks every day in January to be filled with fresh brewed coffee for FREE. How's that for a gift that keeps giving?

You can pick them up at your local Starbucks, and you're supposed to be able to buy them online as well, but the site currently seems to have a glitch when I've tried to place my order and says, "This item isn't currently available." So I called Starbucks and they said they're going fast. They may be able to restock them, so I should keep checking back, but since the deal is good today only, my best bet was to check my local stores. Turns out a lot of people thought this was just as good of an idea as I did.

So run, don't walk to your local Starbucks and try to scoop up one of those hot tumblers. They're in high demand and are already going on eBay for almost $40 apiece. Of course, at that rate, you may just want to go back to the old gift card idea.

Have you been able to snag one of the "Free Brewed" Tumblers from Starbucks? Is this a gift you'd buy for someone on your list?

Image via Starbucks

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