People Who Love the Smell of Subway Bread Are Bonkers

subway sandwichSome things just confuse me. Where do all my lost socks go? And why does everyone think Subway bread smells so amazing? People got SO FREAKING EXCITED over the Awesome Subway Sandwich Deal last week. I can't even tell you. But it's the bread smell that really does it for fans. I hear people talk about Subway bread like they're smelling the second coming of Christ. WHAT ARE YOU SMELLING? Because to my nose, it smells just plain funky.


One writer did some investigative journalism to find out what's behind the ambrosial aroma. It might be the caramelizing sugars -- but there's no official word on that. Sugars? You mean the high fructose corn syrup in the nine-grain wheat bread? Ugh. Or is it the acetylated tartaric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides and azodicarbonamide in the white bread, whatever those are. To me it's just a weird plasticky, fakey smell.

The thing is, I know what homemade bread smells like, and it really does smell like the second coming of Christ. I know, because I bake. Not well. I actually suck at it and everything I pull out of the oven looks and tastes like a brick. BUT! It smells heavenly. Like golden, yeasty sunshine. If I had nothing better to do with my time, I would bake bread every day just for the smell.

Maybe it's me. Maybe I have weird nostril chemistry that doesn't allow me to smell the good Subway bread smells. Maybe I've lived in Brooklyn too long and all I can appreciate is the smell of focaccia hand-kneaded by Yale graduates and baked in brick ovens built and drizzled with olive oil from someone's granny's olive farm in Tuscany. Maybe my nose is a food snob. Is that it? And if so, what's the cure? Don't say, "Eat Subway bread."

Whatever, it doesn't matter anyway. Millions of people eat Subway's bread and nobody eats my bread. Who cares if I think Subway bread is stinky? I'm clearly in the minority here.

Do you love the smell of Subway bread or do you think it's icky, too?


Image via Just_Like_the_Grand_Canyon/Flickr

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