'Top Chef: Texas' Recap: Dishing Up Disappointments in Dallas

Top Chef TexasThe elimination challenge on this week's episode of Top Chef: Texas was almost too easy. The 13 remaining chefs were asked to cook a four-course meal for 200 people at the Cattle Baron's Ball, held at South Fork Ranch (do you remember who shot J.R.?) in Dallas. The only real stipulation was that two of the dishes had to contain beef, and they had six hours to get it done as one big team.

Of course they got it done, but what they got done was dull ... and not done enough, and some of it was done too much. Basically, there were few wows, and a whole lot of what-the-hells. The judges were extremely disappointed, and at one point Tom Colicchio even questioned if they had selected the right group of chefs. Yikes.


There were a few standouts. They loved Nyesha Arrington's compound butter. They thought Chris Jones's steak was cooked to perfection; unfortunately, they thought Heather Terune's peach cake was divine.

Heather is so bossy and needlessly called out Beverly for being too slow with the shrimp. I guess being nice doesn't factor into the competition though, so Heather got a new car for winning. Lucky girl.

As for those on the bottom, the judges showed no mercy, not even for Tay-lor Boring, who had spent the previous evening in the E.R. and was going on about an hour of sleep. But his steaks weren't cooked correctly, and they let him have it. Edward Lee was in the bottom three as well, mainly because the judges found his tomato and asparagus salad to be a big snore.

It was Whitney Otawka, however, who really delivered a disappointment in the form of a potato gratin. Raw in some spots and just overall not creative, the judges hated it. In fact, Tom, who isn't usually so stern, said to her, "Usually it’s hard to send someone home, but tonight you made it really easy."

After she left, he said to the other judges, "If you can’t put together a great gratin in six hours, you have no business being here."

And then there were 12 ...

Did you think the chefs dished up disappointing fare tonight? Who do you want to win?

Image via Bravo

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