22 Scrumptious & Festive Christmas Desserts

Jill Smokler | Dec 14, 2017 Food & Party

gingerbread cupcakes

Sure, spending time with loved ones and walking around in a Christmas light–decorated winter wonderland is nice, but let's be real: Desserts are one of the best parts of the holidays. For whatever reason, some of the most decadent, delicious desserts come out during the holiday season. (Thank goodness too, because desserts make it easier to deal with holiday shopping and dinner party stress, right?)

We're talking about the gingerbread houses that are the home to gingerbread men and women, the peppermint-dusting on everything, and how everything becomes dipped in white chocolate. 

Oh, except fruit cake. Sorry.

Not only are holiday treats delicious, but making them with the little ones can be a special moment of quality time (especially on a freezing cold, snowy afternoon). Plus, what's better than receiving a gift of home-baked goods rather than something impersonal that we might not even need or use?

We rounded up 22 super yummy and festive holiday treats for everyone to add to their baking list. From brownies to cookies, and everything in between, there's a type of dessert for every single sweet tooth out there. 


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