Bacon Ice Cream: Weird or Wonderful?


baconice cream

Ordinarily, I'm a fan of weird flavor combinations, but bacon ice cream may be taking it to an extreme. I mean, bacon is crispy-fried deliciousness and ice cream is hands-down the world's most perfect food—but together? Check out this bacon ice cream recipe, then tell us if you think sounds tasty or completely vile!

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Peajewel Peajewel

I am a vanilla kind of girl, sorry.  We have an ice cream place that puts chunks of food in their ice cream (like pie and stuff) and I can't do it. 

Cafe Amy Cafe Amy

This sounds completely vile.... yuck. Although, I do love both separately!

maisah maisah

It is not weird and most of all not wonderful... it is


............................ sorry, just NASTY! ! ! ! !

you know I was watching the FN one night and they made Smoked Salmon Ice Cream... what in the world, and the judges.... Mmmmm, so good I like this and that, it has such a smooth creamy texture, so good I though that it would be pungent but it is soo good . Very nice.

I am sorry... I am sure it was not good!

toola toola

eww, no!  I just found out there's a Turkey and Gravy soda too.  blech

baby1... baby1love

LOVE bacon but I think eating bacon ice cream sounds gross!!

mamajojo mamajojo

um.. yuck.. i think ill stick to my chocoaltes and other flavors....


That. Sounds. Disgusting.  :-p  ick!

anest... anestheticsex

I'd try it! I really love the garlic ice cream they have at the gilroy garlic festival.. bacon ice cream might not be so bad.

nonmember avatar hiko

you know...ah...square watermelons are not COOL!!!oh ya,i hate it when ice-cream is NOT ORIGINAL!!!why can't we leave the ice-cream alone.I mean leave cream with cream NOT MEAT!!!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar HIKO'S SIS

i think all ice creams are nice cos they are always... . even with a you-think-its-a-not-nice turns out nice...!

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