The Secret to Dr Pepper 10's Man Appeal Uncovered

dr. pepper 10If you haven't already seen the Dr Pepper 10 "it's not for women" commercials, the new parody commercial by Comedivas may put you off of ever trying it. Two women defiantly try the diet soda "for men only" and then POOF! One of them sprouts a moustache and the other ... well, let's just say the video is NSFW. (I've posted it below anyway. Watch when you get home.)

They're joking, I know. But the question remains -- is there something about the taste that appeals more to guys? Is there anything more than ridiculous, made-up nonsense behind the campaign? I decided to try some myself to see. Yes. I am that brave. I would try the man soda in the interest of science.


And ... none of the stores around me carry Dr Pepper 10. But they do carry regular Dr Pepper and Diet Dr Pepper (0 calories instead of 10). And guess what happened while I was standing in front of the Peppers? That's right, a MAN reached in and grabbed the Diet Dr Pepper. Hey, I live in New York City, where we coined the term "metrosexual." Guys around here are secure enough in their masculinity to purchase "diet" sodas without losing face.

So maybe there really is something masculine about the flavor? It does have a sort of cinnamon/spicy taste, kind of like -- oh my god -- kind of like Old Spice! I've figured it out everyone. THIS is the Dr Pepper/Men missing link -- it's a soft drink that tastes like their deodorant smells! 

What are the implications of this amazing discovery? Will marketers start creating other foods just for men -- foods with that cinnamon and spice flavor? Are men going to "own" snickerdoodles and gingerbread? The possibilities are endless! 

Do you think certain flavors appeal more to men than to women, or is it all just a marketing gimmick?


Image via YouTube 

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