Eat Pancakes the Way They Were Meant to Be Eaten

pancake plateIt's time to once again kick yourself in the shins and grumble why didn't I think of that because designer Jon Wye has come up with one ingenious invention. Called the Pancake Plate, Wye's solved our syrup-to-pancake ratio problem with a sloped section designed to pool and contain the syrup in one convenient little dipping pond. Yummerdoodles! Everybody knows that syrup is the best, if not most important part of our pancake eating experience, and Wye's design will no doubt enhance breakfasts for generations to come. And who are we kidding, lunches and dinners, too. I don't like to place limitations on when it is or isn't appropriate to take down a stack of flapjacks.

The Pancake Plate is for sale now and will make a great holiday gift for just about anyone and everyone on your list. And if for some weird reason you know some freak who doesn't like pancakes, let's think outside of the box here for a second. I think this Pancake Plate has a lot of potential for all kinds of foods!


Like mashed potatoes and gravy. Duh. No-brainer. I'm so tired of running out of gravy mid-pile and then having to wait for that damn silver gravy boat to be passed down to me from the other end of the table. Because people take gravy when it's handed to them. And by the time it reaches you, you've gotta get up and go into the kitchen and scoop it out of the pot on the stove which is annoying because then you're responsible for the giblet-to-sauce proportionality and like, who needs that kind of stress. So! The Pancake Plate could easily be a Mashed Potatoes Plate.

Could also be a Salad Plate. It'd be great for dipping leafy greens in yummy dressing. Or, if you're like me and enjoy gluttonous hot fudge sauce on cake, it would be great for that, too. A reservoir of warm chocolate sauce is never a bad thing. Or it could be used for buffalo wings and ranch dressing, poutine, or really anything that involves a runny liquid that's poured over a solid.

So don't think of this as just a "Pancake Plate." Think of this as a revolutionary eating tool that's not an option, but a necessity. A set of two costs $45, which is nothing for making all your saucy dreams come true.

Are you interested in this Pancake Plate?


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