Booze at Starbucks Makes Afternoon Coffee Run More Interesting

starbucks selling alcohol
Get Yer Booze Here
Your afternoon office Starbucks run will never be the same, ladies and gentlemen. As the coffee captain will start offering beer and wine in select locations starting in January, at 2 p.m. We can only hope they serve up a brewski in one of those opaque paper cups so your boss will never know why your team is suddenly super creative, giggly, and yet kind of dopey.

Of course Starbucks is really doing this whole expansion because their nighttime business is obviously not as brisk as their morning shifts. Adding booze is a great way to keep 'em coming in and probably spending more. In spite of the even more dramatic deterioration of the bathrooms, I, for one, think turning the baristas into bartenders is a great idea for these 7 reasons:


1. Say you're meeting someone under the age of 21, a former addict, or your Grandmother out for coffee. But it's five o'clock somewhere and granny is getting on your nerves. A glass of red, please!

2. Because a low-fat coffee cake goes perfectly with a Chenin Blanc.

3. Budweiser Frappuccino, anyone? Anyone?

4. A super fun adventure can totally happen when one person is wired and the other is too drunk to say no to a hyped up partner in crime.

5. Beer and wine are only one step removed from "Irish Coffee Month" -- then the drinking can truly begin at the crack of dawn.

6. Pike's Place Roast and a Harp is the new "Black and Tan."

7. Now, there will be a bar on every corner instead of just a burnt coffee purveyor.

Would you hang out at a Starbucks and have a beer?


Image via Piutus/Flickr

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