There’s a Right Way & a Wrong Way to Eat Sushi

how to eat sushiWhen I moved to New York City and started going out for sushi, I did have a tough time getting voices from home out of my head. Ones that said, "Sushi? Isn't that just a fancy name for bait?" Needless to say it was a pretty steep learning curve, one that I'm still working on many years later. But I thought I knew how to eat that raw fish. Grab the chopsticks, dip your fish into a lovely wasabi/soy sauce mixture, and gulp it down, right?

Apparently I've been doing it so wrong that I'd be an embarrassment in Japan. Luckily a chef told CNN about all the ins and outs of sushi eating, and I've now memorized the rules. Which, I have to say, totally surprised me. Are you eating sushi wrong, too?


My favorite, and most shocking, rule for enjoying sushi from master Koji Sawada was to ditch the chopsticks. Whoo-hoo! I've been struggling with those sticks for years, and even if I can fake it, I'm more than happy to toss them aside. Of course, picking up a fork isn't the answer. Instead, you should pick up sushi with your hands. But be sure to grip, not squeeze the sushi as the rice is packed loosely. Apparently the best way to eat sushi is to dip the fish into the soy sauce, so you're turning your sushi upside-down. It's better to use your hands when you find yourself in that precarious sushi-dipping situation. Who knew? Now you do.

The other sushi rules mostly apply to eating in Japan. While I can't wait to go there, I'm mostly concentrating on my options in Southern California. Where I'll be gripping and dipping just like a pro the next time I breeze into my favorite sushi joint.

Did you know these "rules" about eating sushi?

Image via RaikaXY/Flickr

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