Brown Rice at Chipotle Is Best Reason Ever to Eat a Burrito

ChipotleWhen it comes to fast food, Chipotle does it better than anyone else. Not only is their fare delicious, but it also gets a lot of nutritious points as well. Sure you can get a 1,200-calorie burrito the size of your head slathered in sour cream and cheese, but at least the fattening dairy products will be the kind from cows raised without synthetic hormones. Plus, the grilled meats, lack of deep fryers, and abundance of fresh, healthy vegetables make it easy to make healthy choices if you're so inclined. But all of that goodness just got even better because now Chipotle is also serving up brown rice.

That's right, in addition to its delicious cilantro-lime rice, there's now a new rice choice in line. And it's a good one.


I've been waiting for this day for years. White rice is just a waste in my opinion, and I avoid it at all costs. It contains virtually no good-for-you nutrients, and if I'm going to eat a bunch of empty carbs, then I'm going to go with French fries or something good, not rice. 

Not only does brown rice have more nutrients, like magnesium and selenium, it also has more fiber to make you feel full. Best of all -- it just tastes better. It's bolder and nuttier and adds much more as a base for the rest of the toppings. Once you go brown, white just doesn't cut it. Until now I've typically stuck with salads at Chipotle and the occasional taco thrown in, but this news might mean I'm stepping up to a burrito bowl more often.

Apparently the brown rice has been rolling out across the country for a few months now, so some of you lucky ones have probably had it for months now. By the end of the year, it will be in all locations. I just saw it at my Winter Park, Florida, location for the first time last week, and think I actually let out what may be described as a shriek. I just wonder what has taken them so long. 

Now if only they'd install some drive-thru windows, I may never feel the need to eat at another fast food joint again.

Are you excited to see Chipotle offer brown rice?

Image via jronaldlee/Flickr

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