6 Most Shoplifted Foods Show Thieves Have Great Taste

raw steakTake a look around the store next time you're shopping: According to Adweek, 1 out of 11 shoppers are there to shoplift. And you'll never guess what they're after.

Adweek says the item most commonly stolen from grocery stores is prime cuts of fresh meat. Fancy meat robbery is up 21 percent this year. Beef: It's what's stolen for dinner! What gives? Are shoplifters feeling anemic? And how do you pull this off, anyway? Are there people wandering around stores with T-bones in their coat pockets? Keep reading to find out what other surprising foods people steal.


Booze. The second-most stolen item on Adweek's list is premium liquors -- the hard stuff. You would think it's mostly teenagers stealing beer, but no. It's mostly alcoholic adults struggling to feed their habit, which is sad, actually.

Cheese. In a survey of the most stolen foods worldwide, cheese comes in first. It's not because criminals have a special love for cheese, either -- the stolen cheese is re-sold to markets and restaurants. What??? WHO is buying the stolen cheese? That's what I want to know. Is there just some guy hanging out back, going, "Psst, buddy, wanna buy some cheeeeeeeze?" He opens his trench coat and you see blocks of Gouda, brie, and Stilton. And wouldn't the black market cheese guy smell? Talk about Stinky Cheese Man. (Run, run, as fast as you can!)

Candy and chocolates. Okay, I can see that. 

Seafood. Seriously? How do storekeepers not notice this happening? "Is that a lobster in your pants or are you just glad to see me?" And where do you hide it? Most fish counters have the fish just sitting out there unpackaged and the guy behind the counter wraps it for you -- right? So what, are people just grabbing a bunch of clams and running out the door?

Spices, seasonings, and vanilla. Yup. What's tiny, fits in your pocket (for real this time), and always seems to cost way too much for what you get? All those spices. Of course, you could just shop the bulk aisles instead of stealing.

Are you surprised these are the most shoplifted foods?


Image via VirtualErn/Flickr

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