Charging Extra for a Happy Meal Toy Is a Win for Everyone


happy meal banWho remembers the great Happy Meal toy ban of '10? That is, last year San Francisco voted to ban the Happy Meal in McDonald's, and other restaurants that marketed unhealthy food to kids. Yes there are thousands of crying children in the Bay area right now, and McDonald's is trying to remedy that sad fact. For the children, of course.

In a genius move, the fast food giant will be now encouraging its San Francisco franchises to sell the toys to kids who stop by the clown palace. That's right, no more free toys for you Northern California types! I hate to be a Scrooge at Christmastime, but maybe McDonald's should be selling their toys alongside the Happy Meal at all of its locations.

No, I'm not a fan of fleecing mom and dad out of more cash, but I am a fan of putting one more obstacle between a plate of saturated fat and your kid. After all, if your child has to ask to have a toy, and you have to stop and think about how much it costs, you might stop and think before ordering a cheeseburger and french fry, sundae, and apple pie. (Try getting that song out of your head now.)

I certainly pull into the In 'N' Out one too many times, and they don't even have toys. I'm thinking if when we drove by my kids weren't calling out for a double-double, but calling out for the new Star Wars LEGO action figure, I might be more annoyed. After all, I love me a double-double. Action figures? Not so much.

Granted, we should always be stopping and thinking about what we're putting into our kid's mouths. Even if it's delicious, delicious, junk food that we would like to enjoy ourselves. Putting an extra price tag on that kid's meal just might do the trick.

Do you think McDonald's should charge for their toys?


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Ember... Emberbaby

People eat at McDonald's because it is cheap and fast not because it is delicious. There are much better burger joints out there that do not offer toys and a lot of kids would rather eat at some of those places.

Who knows if this will work out for the company, personally I am not a fan so they can go under for all I care.

calil... calilove33

If you don't want the toy don't go there. Or if you don't want the toy don't give it to your kid. People don't go to eat places for the happy meal toys. Seriously how about we work on personal responsibility.

sweet... sweetcherry_59

What ever happened to personal responsibility? This is ridiculous.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I think it's a good idea so long as you can also buy them separately. There are so few places that carry veggie kids meals in this country. If we go somewhere like BK with friends they don't have kids meal options for my kid so his friends get toys and he doesn't. I would be perfectly willing to pay a small amount once in a while for a crappy toy to go with his fries and apple pie.

Kristina Lawler Funk

At the Mcdonald's near me, you CAN buy the toys separately.

kisse... kisses5050

 you could always buy the toy separate.

mleil... mleilanim

It's called a HAPPY get HAPPY when they get one...otherwise they'd just get an All American Meal. This is stupid.


nonmember avatar kay

I'm absolutely positive that you intentionally left out the fact that the san francisco mcdonalds will be selling the toys as an add-on to the happy meals for....wait for it....ten cents. This is basically an attempt to circumvent the new law. For ten cents, no, I do not agree with you that these parents will 'stop and think' about anything.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I've asked a few times at a few different franchises and they've all said no. Guess it's up to the franchisee, I know some make people buy the whole meal to get more money out of collectors. I remember a news story some years back about people buying the meals to get some highly desirable toy and just dumping the meals in the trash. That's just disgusting.

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