Forget Booze, French Fry Bars Are Next Big Thing

french fryWhile we're all busy thinking about what we want to eat the rest of the day, there's a company out there that's busy thinking about what we're going to want to eat next year. A consulting firm has just released their latest food trend report for 2012, and you'll never guess what they've predicted. Despite all those fancy diets and low-cal recipes, the powers that be are predicting that french fry bars will be all the rage. They say American comfort food with a twist is what we'll all be clamouring for, and a restaurant or hole in the wall that serves up hot fries with unique dipping sauces will speak to our stomach's, and soul's, desires. And frankly, it's just what we need.


And I'm being serious. French fry bars sound delicious. There's a Belgium french fry place near my house that serves up golden brown strings of happiness that you can dip in all kinds of yumminess like chipotle mayonnaise, hot pepper ketchup, and garlic ranch dressing. It's heaven, and a heart attack, in a bite so I try to limit my intake to once a season.

Really, what I guess is the point here, is that we should start planning ahead. There are going to be a lot of fries to get in our bellies come the new year, so maybe this December we should take it easy on the little guys. The most tragic thing that can happen here is that we're "over" fries before we've really gotten a chance to be "under" them, to experienced how awesome they can be. It would be a travesty if we were too jaded to enjoy them at their peak!

So let's stick to our other favorite carbs this winter. There are tons of breads, cookies, and cakes we can eat instead of fries. That way, when these elusive french fry bars open, we'll be ready and able to partake in a meaningful and deliberate way.

Also: If fry bars are going to be taking off, think this glorious ketchup fountain will too? Fingers crossed.

Are you looking forward to finding a french fry bar?


Photo via FoxyMoron/Flickr

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