Awesome Subway Sandwich Deal Is Even More Appealing Than the Bread

subway sandwich dealSubway is with the 99 percent, you guys. You can tell because for the month of December while we're all out spending our hard earned money like drunk sailors on leave, they're slashing their six-inch sub prices to $2. That's right, you can get a cold cut or meatball (my favorite!!) six-inch for only $2 until the end of the month. If it weren't for the fact that I actually can't eat wheat, I'd be all over this deal.

Oh, and that I would probably get massive cankles if I ate a $2 meatball or ham sandwich every single day. Still ... $2! What else, I wonder, could I pick up in the food court for only $2? Nothing from Panda Express, I can tell you that much. Or Hot Dog on a Stick, which is a crying shame.

But here are some other options when you're broke and need some fast food fast.



A McDouble AND a small order of fries, since both are on the dollar menu.


Organic penne pasta with tomato sauce and a penny left over.


Kentucky grilled drumstick or thigh with potato wedges. That's kind of a meal.

Taco Bell

Two, not one, but TWO chicken flatbread sandwiches. That's what you get for thinking outside the bun.


Five-piece spicy chicken nuggets and a Frosty.

Burger King

Spicy chick'n crisp sandwich and fries will also fill you up during a shopping rush.

If you're shopping in the morning, you're much more in luck, as Dunkin Donuts will allow you to escape with a drink and sweet. Also those value menus last all day, so you can scoop up a breakfast sandwich here or there to save money as you fill up your belly.

What's your favorite cheap fast food?


Image via time_anchor/Flickr

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