Horse Meat Could Be Coming to a Supermarket Near You

horseMeat eaters rejoice, there's a new red meat in town: HORSE! It's now legal to eat Mr. Ed. Congress just lifted a five-year-old ban on horse slaughter, making it legal to kill horses in the US for meat. Eating horse -- it's called hippophagy, and I hear it's nom nom.

But wait! Horse burgers make the animal rights activists and 10-year-old girls cry. And I just don't get it. Why are we not okay with eating horses but perfectly happy to eat pigs, cows, ducks, and chickens? Because horses are pretty? Because you can braid their manes and put little ribbons in them? Can't deliciousness trump girlhood memories of Prancer?


Like everything else edible, it's all in how you cook it. Another Stir writer tried raw horse at a trendy cafe in Toronto and loved it. She felt a little guilty about eating it, but come on. Canada is home to the nicest, most polite people in the Western Hemisphere -- if they think it's ethically okay to eat horse, how evil can it be?

Joel Stein in Time  says horse meat is delish. He tried a sausage, which "turned out to be pretty awesome -- a sweet, rich, superlean, oddly soft meat, closer to beef than venison." It reminded him of a lighter bresaola.

Might I also add that before it was banned, horse meat was a $65 million business? Hello, job creator! And we ship it all overseas to Asia and Europe, which also does not make sense to me. Why are we sending all this apparently scrumptious meat elsewhere? Did anyone ask me if I'd like to try some before it all got passed to Uzbekistan? Because maybe I'd like to try some. Where do you get horse meat around here, anyway?

I shopping-Googled horse sausage and all I came up with were disco albums. Apparently we have a supply and demand problem here. So come on, horse meat artisans, time to get busy. Mama's hungry for horse.

Have you ever tried horse meat? If not would you try it?


Image via Adrian Parnham/Flickr

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