'Top Chef: Texas' Recap: Lifestyles of the Rich & Hungry

chicken cigarFrom San Antonio to Dallas, the chefs were moving on up on tonight's episode of Top Chef: Texas. Along the way, they made a pit stop for a less-than-fancy quickfire challenge though.

In the middle of a field, they had to cook survival kit supplies (mostly canned foods) on camping equipment. There were some pretty creative feats that resulted in food you've probably never seen around any campfire. Asian coconut soup with mackerel and dill pickle juice, anyone? It was Lindsay Autry's sandwich using saltine crackers and Vienna sausages that won in the end though.

Then they got fancy.


The elimination challenge was a progressive dinner party in Highland Park, Texas, one of the wealthiest areas of Dallas. Three couples offered up their gorgeous homes and hosted a course. The chefs were broken up into teams, then assigned one.

Chris Jones made the most interesting dish in the appetizer course -- a roasted chicken cigar with sweet corn, collard greens, and cumin ash (pictured above). I thought he showed some great creativity, but the judges and guests hated it. They called it a gimmick and said he should focus on good food instead. In the end it was close, but no, the cigar didn't get him sent home.

It was the overcooked salmon that did in Chuy Valencia. That plus mealy goat cheese inside resulted in a dish the judges just didn't feel was thought through.

Paul Qui won the challenge for his fried Brussels sprouts with prosciutto. They looked amazing, and I don't even really like Brussels sprouts all that much. Dakota Weiss was right on his heels with her amazing plate of desserts, including the chocolate sponge cake she feared was too spongy. Guess it wasn't.

Things still haven't gotten too heated between the individual chefs. For the most part, the focus really has been on the food instead of on any drama in the kitchen. I don't know if it will stay that way, but it's nice while it lasts.

Which dish did you most want to eat on tonight's episode of Top Chef: Texas? Do you think the right person went home?

Image via Bravo

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