Hopefully Hanson Beer Will Be Better Than Their Songs


hansonYou know how there are some people out there who believe the world is going to end in 2012? I really didn't believe them with their ancient calendar and their Mayan prophesies, but I'm starting to come around. There's new, almost indisputable evidence that the planet as we know it will implode next year. Hanson is putting out a beer. Yes, Hanson, as in "MMMbop" Hanson. The floppy-haired brothers are all grown up now and have traded in their sippy cups of milk for cold pints of beer. And it sounds like they're serious about getting in on the adult beverage game.

The youngest bro Zac, 26, said in an interview that everyone thinks they're joking, but they're not. He insists they're putting out a beer, and they're gonna call it ... oh my. I can't. OK. They're going to call it MMMHop IPA.

See what I mean? The world might really end next year. And when the aliens finally come and invade what's left of our gray shell of a planet, they'll see Hanson MMMHop IPA on the dusty beer taps and know that we got what we deserved.

But all things considered, I'm curious. The brothers Hanson have done it again! They've invaded my brain with a catchy phrase and all I can think about is beer (yum) and MMMbop (fun). Who knows, maybe these crazy kids are on to something. Maybe they have their finger on the pulse of what Americans can't get enough of -- beer and pop music -- and maybe their beer will be a delicious success.

What will it taste like, though? Oklahoma grass with a hint of prepubescent stardom? I hope so. 

Are you interested in a Hanson brew or two?


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Sandra Riggle

I might try it when I am done with my pregnancy. After all i was in love with Taylor Hanson when I was 13, so why not still support the band. They may not have the same following they did in 1997, but they will forever be part of my childhood.

Julie Melancon Sosa

FYI...Hanson has continued to have both commercial and critical success since 1997. It may not be as large of a commercial success, but they have put out some amazing albums. Go look up the song "Go" and tell me it's not amazing. They make a lot more grown up music now. They also do a lot of great charity work.

Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

I didn't know Mormons drink beer.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

If I drank I'd try it. Mmm Bop always reminds me of the summer I spent living in a tent before I went off to college because it was on the radio constantly so it's a happy song for me. I know they're still going but I haven't really heard anything since that. I don't generally listen to pop radio.

nonmember avatar NavyWife

I've been a Hanson fan since their 1997 debut (I'm 25 now). They've just released their eighth studio album, which they wrote and produced themselves. They are all married with kids and they are currently on a world tour. They may not be as mainstream as they used to be, but trust me, they definitely still have a following :) Besides, in a world full of synthesized, auto-tuned and manufactured music, the music industry needs a band like Hanson. Julie Melancon Sosa, I agree! "Go" is AMAZING!

nonmember avatar Jamie Shef

Haha this is too funny! I don't drink so I won't be trying it but I am a diehard Hanson fan. I have been since '97. You really should give their music a try. It's nothing like Mmmbop and it's way better. I just saw them in concert last month for the 9th time. Haha. And FYI... Hanson is not mormon.

Troys... TroysMommy1220

First of all, they aren't Mormon for Gods sake.

I've been a Hanson fan since I was ten years old...I've seen them a grand total of 79 times live (jesus christ, saying it out loud is kind of scary hah)...they're an amazing band and an amazing group of guys. Making stupid remarks about them having bad songs because of a huge hit they put out when they were 11, 13 and 16 is kind of childish. Maybe you should listen to one of the other four albums they've put out since them before you pass judgement.

Anyway, I highly doubt they're actually going to put out a beer, they've talked about putting out a lot of things that never came to fruitation....but if they do, I'll definitely try it. haha

nonmember avatar NavyWife

There are other Hanson fans out there that are moms too? We must be a rare kind of people, lol.

JHanc968 JHanc968

Uh no!

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