Man Finds Live Frog in His Chicken Wrap

frogGreat, just great. Now I will never eat a wrap sandwich in peace for as long as I live. What's the worst thing you can imagine biting into? A bug? A mouse? Try a frog! That's what poor Mr. Ross Dance bit into when he attempted to eat his chicken wrap at a chain restaurant, Nando's, in England.

"I bit into the wrap, but couldn't chew through it. I excused myself and got it out of my mouth," he tells The Sun. "There was a whole frog in there. It was still alive. I felt really ill." There was a whole frog in there. IT WAS STILL ALIVE. NOOOOO! For the rest of my life, I will compulsively unwrap my wraps and excavate them before rolling them back up again -- and you know what a pain it is to wrap wraps! Then again, can I ever even bring myself to eat a wrap again?!?


Okay, I need to process this. How do you not see a frog while you're putting together a wrap? And how, for the love of Kermit the Frog, does a whole frog get into a wrap in the first place? According to The Sun, Nando's says the "only possible" way it could have gotten there was through the lettuce. (Because you would notice a frog in tomatoes, right?) Oy, it's not easy being green, is it?

And, of course, Nando's is very sorry Ross had such a horrible experience at their restaurant, but they really can't say what happened until he hands over the frog. Which Ross "refuses" to do. Oh my god, this story just gets weirder and weirder. What, PRAY TELL, are you going to learn about where "the foreign object" came from by looking at it? Did I mention it's dead now? And that Ross cannot locate one of the legs probably because HE ATE IT?!?

Look, I know people eat frog legs on purpose -- cooked frog legs, that is. But they're still considered a "delicacy," and I think I speak for most of us when I say, if and when I am finally ready to try frog, I would really appreciate being completely in control and cognizant of it happening. No accidental tastings, thank you.

Ooh, I am so grossed out, I almost forgot to feel sorry for the frog! Poor guy, nearly eaten alive. What a way to go -- death by wrap.

How do you think a frog got into Ross' wrap? And has this turned you off of eating wraps?


Image via g_kovacs/Flickr

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