Dr. Oz Was RIGHT About Hidden Dangers in Apple Juice

apple juiceRemember when Dr. Oz did that expose on arsenic in apple juice? And the FDA freaked out? "There is no evidence of any public health risk from drinking these juices," they said. Then on Good Morning America former Oz classmate Dr. Richard Besser accused him of fearmongering. But Dr. Oz would not be stopped. The FDA tried to poke holes into Dr. Oz's study. They claimed that the levels were "essentially harmless." They said most of the arsenic was the safer, "organic" kind from crushed-up apple seeds. Dr. Oz stood by his results.

Now Consumers Union is ganging up on the FDA, too. They did their own test and BOOYAH! Looks like team Oz and arsenic-haters win another round. FDA, I think YOU owe Dr. Oz an apology. There's arsenic in them there apple juice!


Not that I'm glad -- just, you know, now we have hope that the problem will get some action. So how bad is it? Oh it's bad. According to Consumers Union's study:

  • 10 percent of our apple juice has arsenic levels that exceed the limit for drinking water: 10 parts per billion.
  • 25 percent of our apple juice has lead levels that exceed the limit for bottled water: 5 parts per billion.
  • And yes, that's mostly the carcinogenic, inorganic kind or arsenic -- not the "essentially harmless" organic kind.

So, FDA, apple juice companies, let's huddle a moment, 'kay? Because you are clearly losing here. So this is what you need to do. FDA, set some freaking limits for arsenic levels in apple juice just like the nice people at Consumers Union asked you to. I know you have no money to enforce standards, but just DO IT. It's a face-saving gesture. Now repeat after me: "We greatly regret doubting Dr. Oz, especially in such an aggressive, public way. We were wrong. He was right."

And apple juice companies? Set some company standards, start enforcing them (because you do have the money), and then publicize the hell out of them. People will LOVE you for it. Who wants to be the first apple juice company to go public with your super-safe (mostly), arsenic-free apple juice? Cha-ching!

Now that Consumers Union backs up Dr. Oz's claims, are you more convinced that apple juice has too much arsenic? Is it the FDA's responsibility to regulate arsenic in apple juice or should that be up to apple juice companies?

Image via Amy Loves Ya/Flickr

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