Tax Dollars for Birthday Cake Is Money Well Spent

governor haley cakeStop the madness! Thanks to a politically juicy story, cake is getting a bad name. That's right, cake. The most perfect of all the desserts, the most celebratory food offering, the simple yet fancy, delectable cake. And that's not okay.

It seems South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley's office likes to celebrate the staffers' birthdays by having the governor's executive chef whip up a cake in honor of the birthday boy or girl. The state Democratic party chairman feels this eating of cake during lean times on the government dime is an extravagance and has taken offense. (Side note -- somehow I don't think a male governor would be taking this kind of heat, you know?) As a result, cake is coming under fire and those of us who love cake must step up in its delicious defense.


Cake is not expensive unless you layer it in gold leaf. Which I'm assuming we would know about in this case since over 2,000 emails were sorted through to discover this "scandal." How much are a couple of eggs, flour, sugar, and baking soda? Like, next to nothing. Cake is a simple yet awesome way to honor someone on her birthday. If taxpayer money can be spent on golf trips (and in South Carolina, you know it is), it can certainly be spent on cake.

We're not talking dinner at Morton's, or an expensive bottle of wine -- it's cake! Seriously, it's so no big deal that I would even be willing to chip in for the next staffer's birthday, and I don't even live in South Carolina or vote Republican.

Everybody deserves a little cake on their birthday. Let's back off the governor and her staff and let them eat it.

Don't you think cake is awesome?


Image via Will Clayton/Flickr

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