How to Please the Worst Holiday Dinner Guest Ever


worst dinner guest everHappy holidays, everybody. It's time to eat and drink like there's no tomorrow and start complaining about friends and relatives who ruin your good time! Come on, you know you've been there. And just in case you haven't, Buzzfeed came up with a handy-dandy infographic on which people you can totally dog on for the holidays. The Worst Dinner Guest Ever, that's who.

It's clear to me, as 1/5 of the worst dinner guest ever, that one would have to meet all five of these requirements in order to be deemed "the worst." Still, I can't help but feel that my life-threatening disease might be bringing you down.

Here's how you can please the "worst" dinner guest and go about your day of kicking puppies and setting fire to ants.

1) If you know someone has an allergy or a politically motivated way of eating food that you do not approve of, why not skip the invite? Alternately, ask that person to bring their own dish, since you have no intention of making any allowances for anyone.

2) Remember, those of us who get sick due to food we eat really hate it. We're not trying to be a pain in the ass. Believe me, nothing would make me happier than to chow down on your puff pastry -- NOTHING -- but I can't on account of the sickness. If that makes me the worst dinner guest, then please refer back to #1, or try and garner just a little bit of sympathy during this, the most wonderful time of the year. Douchebag.

3) I know it's not easy to remake your menu, and no one is asking you to do so. (Unless you have one of those types in your family, if so, please refer again to #1.) There are a zillion websites for great recipes that are nut-free, dairy-free, and yes, gluten-free. Making a small effort will help to chill everyone out at your holiday table.

4) Keep your sense of humor. I know when friends offer me up a bucket of gluten at the dinner table, it's one of those "Hey, we know you're weird, but let's joke about it" moments. But you know what's not funny? Being called the worst dinner guest ever.

And finally, if you're still just not willing to bend a little bit to provide safe food for all of your guests,

5) Provide wine, and lots of it.

Do you think people with food allergies, preferences, or diseases are the worst dinner guests ever?


Image via Buzzfeed

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ashjo85 ashjo85

This was my first Thanksgiving with Celiac. Holy adjustment, Batman. Luckily, I have an awesome family who made me my own side of GF stuffing to enjoy. :-) Good stuff, too!!

Melis... Melissa042807

Anybody can be the worst dinner guest ever if they're whiney and presumptuous. But I've found that all the people in my social circle who have allergies/intolerances/preferences are generally very polite and keep quiet about things. But there's never any excuse to be rude to your host/hostess.

There are a lot of common things in the American diet that I don't eat by choice, but I don't go around trumpeting it to the world. I can pretty much make do in any situation, and there have been times that I have simply brought my own food because it's easier on everyone involved. And for things like Thanksgiving, I brought a side I knew I could eat and just passed over the dishes made from the things I don't eat. No big deal. I still had plenty! 

ChicH... ChicHippie

I don't fall into any of those categories but I am a painfully picky eater and can relate a bit to being a "bad guest". If I don't bring food to an event.. chances are I will be eating a roll with a side of.. another roll. I usually feel terrible because you would think I could put on a brave face and just pick at things but I can't. I have a physical reaction to a lot of foods, and trust me you would rather me say "no thank you" to your squash casserole than the alternative. Because it's ugly. My family and friends just know to expect it now but my husbands family has yet to adjust and always comment on how sorry they are "that their food isn't good enough". It's only been 8 years... sigh.

chigi... chigirl1228

You know who I think the worst dinner guests are? People who can't take a joke. I thought the graph was funny. Time to chill out. I would think people would be understanding of your condition and if their not dont make an appearance. But dont be one of those people who think that others have to cater to you. Give the host some of your favorite recipies. Offer to bring a dish to share. Do something other than whine that that you might be someones worst dinner guest ever. Be a little proactive.

GlowW... GlowWorm889

Nah. My family is well-versed in accomodating allergies and picky eaters. Most of us kids were allergic to dairy as young children, one of us has a mild allergy to shellfish, and another is an extremely picky eater. We learned to cook things everybody can eat and to include at least one dish the picky eater liked so we could all have a cohesive meal. And since most of our dinner guests are close family friends we know well, we do the same thing for them. And we don't take offense if a dish is refused (politely) at the table because of a dislike or allergy. Obviously, we don't want our dinner guests to get sick or die on us, so feel free to refuse a certain food or tell me if you're extremely allergic so I can prepare! Better to find out before and change the menu than to have a guest have to be sent to the hospital.

nonmember avatar Sara

Kind of amusing I guess... my husband is allergic to nuts and I am a vegetarian, so I guess between the two of us we're partway to the worst dinner guests ever. But all we do is skip the things we can't eat, and everyone else can eat whatever they want. It's no big deal, I never show up at anyone's house expecting that they have a separate meal for me. I eat what I can, and if I'm still hungry I eat my own food later. I actually prefer that people not go out of their way to make things I can eat... I usually just eat side dishes for dinner :)

mommix4 mommix4

If I know there is an allergy I will go above and beyond to make sure that person can eat. If its a personal preference then they can bring what they'd like to eat

aj23 aj23

I only think they are the worst when they sit and whine about how no one bent over backwards to make sure one person could eat everything. I'm not a fan of trying to please one person. In my family if you don't like or can't eat something no big deal, don't eat it, we won't be offended and there are lots of other people so it won't go to waste.  Everyone usually brings a dish to a big meal so everyone has at least one thing they like and there is always at least one thing that someone else doesn't like.
The only time I go out of my way is if someone has a deadly allergy. One of my nieces boyfriends on year was allergic to nuts so I double checked everything to make sure nothing had any in it. 

elija... elijahsmama09

I would suggest them to bring a dish they can eat.

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