Eating Canned Soup in Winter Suddenly a Horrible Idea

bpa in canned foodYet another argument for eating fresh food, but even more so for banning BPA, as a new study shows people who eat canned foods on a regular basis have a ton of BPA in their system. You know, bisphenol A which can cause major hormone disruptions, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and really messed up babies. BPA is banned in Canada, in the EU, and just recently in baby bottles in California. But yet the rest of America continues to get this toxin in their food because we tend to value business more than people in this country.

But as this study shows, we're already getting BPA in our systems, but if we eat canned, instead of fresh foods, we're getting 20 times the amount of those who avoid the cans lined with toxins. It's winter, and that's seriously irritating.

How are we supposed to get our chicken soup, cream of tomato, and other warm-ups without completely messing up our bodies, and our future children?

  1. First of all you can support legislation to ban BPA across the United States.
  2. Know which food manufacturers have already removed BPA. If you can't find it online, call the company and ask before you buy it for you and your family.
  3. Write letters to your local grocery stores demanding they remove canned foods that contain BPA.
  4. Only buy fresh foods. You can make your own soups (we have recipes here), buy fresh produce and freeze it yourself if you're not going to eat it all at once and want to preserve.
  5. If you're donating food to a food bank, never buy the food in cans that contains BPA. Do two kinds of good in one move.

We shouldn't have to worry about what chemicals we're ingesting when we sit down to a meal, but until the food industry, or the government, take some responsibility, we have to do it ourselves.

Are you checking your cans right now?

Image via stevendepolo/Flickr

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