Sweet Potato Pie Recipes From the South (the Only Ones Worth Baking)

sweet potato pieI've got a handle on pumpkin pie, and I've now got a fab list of pecan pie recipes. But a Thanksgiving classic I've never tried baking is sweet potato pie. So this year I'm checking out recipes -- and I've already left behind any notion that sweet potato pies are even remotely healthy. Oh no. There may be beta carotene lurking within these pies, but these recipes are all about sweet, rich decadence!

The sweet potato pie being a Southern specialty, I'm looking to the authorities. All of these recipes are by food writers and cooks from the South. No slight to you, Yankees and Midwesterners -- I just want my pie straight from the source, and maybe with a side of Kentucky bourbon. 


1. Deep Dish Sweet Potato Pie

This is by THE American Southern food authority, John T. Edge. It's from his cookbook All-American Desserts.

2. Calley's Sweet Potato Pie

Calley Anderson's recipe comes by way of Patrick and Gina Neely -- Calley is the daughter of a close family friend of the Neelys, Belinda Anderson, who is their catering manager. Looks like she's taught her daughter well!

3. Southern Sweet Potato Pie

This recipe comes from Taste of Home and is by Bonnie Holcomb of Fulton, Mississippi.

4. Sweet Potato Pie

This pie from Country Living is made with buttermilk for a bit of tang and extra fluff.

5. Old-Fashioned Sweet Potato Pie

You knew we couldn't do this pie recipe roundup without Paula Deen! Her pie is topped with a big, fluffy poof of meringue.

6. Southern Sweet Potato Pie

This is from the blog Deep South Dish. How deep South? Mississippi again! This pie is made with pecans -- and it just might be my favorite of this bunch. 

Bonus 1. Sweet Potato Pie Cupcakes With Marshmallow Frosting

Finally, something a little wacky: sweet potato pie cupcakes! Mmmm, marshmallow frosting. This one is for you more ambitious bakers out there. And okay, this is my one non-Southern exception here.

Bonus 2. Sweet Potato Pie Cookies With Orange Glaze

Another pie-inspired bonus! Patrick and Gina Neelys' dessert has an orange glaze, which sounds like a bright, barely tart complement to creamy sweet potato.

Have you ever tried sweet potato pie? Which do you like better, sweet potato pie or pumpkin pie?

Image via TheHungryDudes/Flickr

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