Leftover Turkey Sandwiches 5 Scrumptious Ways


leftover turkey sandiwchesAfter you've put away the pumpkin pie, the cranberry sauce, and the mashed potatoes, you're most likely going to be staring down the gullet of a lot of leftover turkey the day after Thanksgiving. After all, there aren't "turkey sandwich" jokes for nothing. This Thanksgiving, why not make some effort with those turkey leftovers. We're not saying you can't enjoy a sandwich, by all means, enjoy a sandwich! But let's get creative this year, shall we?

Personally, I love a good panini and I'm going to tell you how to put together one that will make you feel like you're on a street corner in Italy. Or perhaps Switzerland, between the French and Italian parts. Regardless, it's dang good.

Enjoy my favorite sandwich, and four other ways to get creative with your leftover turkey in sandwich form.

Turkey Gruyere Panini

Step up the Swiss with a lovely Gruyere and press that sandwich to get your gourmet on! Add stone ground mustard and fresh spinach for a final touch. Sourdough will be your best pressing bread for this combo.

Awesome Turkey Sandwich

I'm not going to argue, this turkey sandwich does indeed sound awesome. So pick up some avocados and bean sprouts when you're doing your Thanksgiving shopping so you can make this sandwich as awesome as it should be.

Toasted Turkey Cranberry Arugula

You say you didn't finish off all that cranberry sauce? Well add it to your sandwich and enjoy this toasted turkey cranberry arugula number.

Turkey Sandwich Melt

Who wants mushroom sauce with that? Yummmmmm.

The Best Turkey Sandwich Ever

It's true that the best turkey sandwich is one that mimics what you'll find in a deli. The only catch with this classic is the addition of challah. Which you should totally get.

What's your favorite way to eat a turkey sandwich?

Image via Rex Roof/Flickr

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daerc... daerca574

we like to make hot turkey and gravy sandwiches

lalas... lalasmama2007

We like hot turkey and gravy sandwiches as well.  It's my SO's favorite sandwich.

JHanc968 JHanc968

Sounds so good!

Krist... KristinRox

Turkey sandwich melt sounds quite delicious.

aj23 aj23

I like just plain turkey and bread

bether89 bether89

Turkey and cheese sandwich is my favorite.

dilly... dillyboysmom

Hawaiian King dinner rolls as the base.  Then a piece of turkey.  Then some dressing.  Then some baked macaroni.  Then some potato salad.  The top roll is smeared with cranberry sauce.  Lettuce is optional.  put it together and chow down.  So delicious.

Bmat Bmat

cran and turkey sandwiches are good. :)

mille... millerbunch

these sound good!

i normally just do turkey with mustard and mayo on wheat bread..

MNMam... MNMamaOf4

We pulled off the best of the breast and dark meat for plain ol' sandwhiches... but the rest of the meat and the carcass are going to be boiled off today for some turkey noodle soup. YUMMY!

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