5 Simple Thanksgiving Appetizers With Seasonal Goodies

Thanksgiving appetizersAnyone can bring a cheese plate ...This year, I'm in charge of bringing a Thanksgiving appetizer, and frankly, I'm at a loss. I mean how many years in a row can I bring a cheese plate ... or salami rolls? Don't get me wrong -- I love me some cheese plates and salami rolls, but come on! What I'd really like to bring is something delicious (obviously) that's simple (duh) and is made with some of the season's best ingredients.

Well, you're welcome very much, I've found five pretty spectacular-sounding recipes that meet this criteria. Even better, all five of them look so incredible that I think you're going to get some rave reviews come Thanksgiving.


1. Trio of Crostini With Fig

There's no easier appetizer than crostini (a.k.a. toast with something yummy on top). Food Network Magazine offers up three fig-enhanced crostini topper ideas that make my mouth water: 1) Fig Jam, Gorgonzola, and Prosciutto Crostini, 2) Fig Jam, Goat Cheese, and Chopped Walnut Crostini, and 3) Sliced Figs, Honey, and Sea Salt Crostini. Yum!

2. Crispy Prosciutto Cups With Pear

Leave it to Martha Stewart to make an appetizer so simple look so extravagant. Bake slices of prosciutto into edible cups and fill them with the season's best pears. Salty, sweet, and simple.

3. Warmed Cranberry Brie

This recipe from Southern Living will fulfill your craving for a creamy, warm, seasonal appetizer. It's a baked brie smothered in brown-sugar-sweetened cranberry sauce and pecans. This one had me at baked brie.

4. Crispy Butternut Squash Wontons

This crunchy, sweet pre-dinner treat will make you the Appy Queen of Thanksgiving. Buy wonton wrappers all set to go, whip up the delicious squash, ricotta, and Parmesan contents, and bake.

5. Roasted Persimmons Wrapped in Pancetta

I've always wondered what to do with persimmons. Wrapped in pancetta, baked, and drizzled with balsamic vinegar sounds perfect.

What are you making/bringing as a Thanksgiving appetizer?


Image via CarbonNYC/Flickr

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