5 Cheese-Filled Thanksgiving Side Dishes

thanksgiving side dishesCheese, wonderful cheese. Is there any nectar of the gods more satisfying than melted, chunk, soft, or grated cheese? Not bloody likely. Of course you're going to set out cheese and crackers, cheesy dips, and other yums when your guests arrive. But a true artisan of the fromage will also have a side dish ready to go that involves melty, yummy, cheese.

Adding it to potatoes is always a great idea (as our first amazing option demonstrates below), but there are a myriad of ways to sneak cheese into your vegetable dishes as well. Here are five fantastic side dishes that utilize the greatest food on earth: cheese.


Herb Mashed Potatoes with Goat Cheese

You really can't get any more decadent than goat cheese in your 'taters. This is the way you do it, ya'll.

Creamy Brussels Sprouts Gratin

Get your kids to eat their Brussels sprouts by covering them in delicious dairy. It will totally work, we swear.

Spinach Cheese Strata

One Hungry Mama calls this out for a brunch, but a spinach and cheese strata makes an excellent side dish or spread on crostini. Plus, you think you're eating well on account of the spinach.

Paula Deen's Mac & Cheese

There is absolutely no reason to not have mac and cheese as a Thanksgiving day side. Go for broke with this recipe from Paula Deen.

Bacon and Cheese Puff

You've got bacon, bread, and cheese, kind of fried. What more will your guests need?

What's your favorite cheesy side dish?


Image via rittyrats/Flickr

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