Bagged Salad Recall: Everything You Need to Know


It's been a bad week at the supermarket. First, Smucker's recalled its Natural Peanut Butter Chunky because of a possible salmonella contamination, and now Ready Pac Foods is recalling bagged salads in 15 states for E. coli bacteria. I don't know what we are going to eat at my house! We kind of live on peanut butter sandwiches and bagged salads.

The recall affects bagged salads containing romaine lettuce with a use by date of November 18 (today!) sold in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming according to the FDA.

While no illnesses have been reported, the company is voluntarily recalling 12 types of salad because the E. coli was picked up during sample testing. That's more than 5,000 cases of greens. They are:

10oz. Ready Pac Caesar Romaine

9.25oz Ready Pac Santa Fe Caesar Complete Salad

10oz. Ready Pac Classic Caesar Complete Salad

10oz. Ready Pac Bella Romaine

10oz. Dining In Classic Caesar Salad Kit

10oz. Raley’s Caesar Romaine

10oz. Trader Joe’s Romaine Salad

16oz. Trader Joe’s Very American Salad

10oz. Safeway Farms Caesar Romaine

9oz. Safeway Farms Hearts of Romaine

10oz. Safeway Farms Complete Caesar Supreme

10.25oz Safeway Farms Complete Southwestern Ranch

Just so you shouldn't forget, E. coli is that fab bacteria that causes bloody diarrhea. Most adults recover completely but it can cause serious kidney damage in children and the elderly. This is the perfect excuse to get pizza for dinner tonight, and hey, this week pizza was also deemed a vegetable, so there you go, problem solved!

Do you use bagged salad in your house as much as we do in ours?


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tinyp... tinypossum

We love bagged romaine hearts. These companies need to get their acts together!

MrsNe... MrsNewman

I stopped buying them after the last recall a while back. I just buy lettuce and chopp it up now. 

Rachel Johnson

it really seems like there is a new food borne illness everyday. companies should really be checking for this stuff BEFORE they ship it out to customers.

Kendall Bean

That's why we buy organic. Lower risk, higher price. I wish we could just trust that the food we are being sold is healthy and clean!

nonmember avatar Jody

This is why we grow our own veggies, problem solved.

jessi... jessicasmom1

oh man I just had some the other day !! eeekkk

Miranda Hinkle Young

@Kendall Bean - Not dissing organic but wouldn't organic be in greater danger of being a source of food borne illness since they would use more manure based fertilizers as opposed to chemical? I'm all about not using chemicals but considering the fact that e.coli is spread through fecal matter I would think buying organic wouldn't help you all that much in avoiding it.

frogg... froggynow3

This might explain why my stomach has been falling out the past 2 days...thanks for the update

Janet Warnock MacFarlane

I have to add that my home-made pizza should be considered a vegetable!  I also make it with whole grain flour.  Pizza can be and should be healthy!


hipmo... hipmomto3

You can't just make a blanket statement like "this is why we grow our own vegetables." In most of the continental United States, the growing season is over. We rely on warmer states to grow vegetables that we can not grow for part of the year. While it's true we can and should grow and preserve our own vegetables, there's nothing as satisfying as biting into crisp, fresh lettuce. 

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