18 Easy Thanksgiving Cookie Recipes

18 Easy Thanksgiving Cookie Recipes
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There is a lot to think about when prepping for Thanksgiving, and all things seem to revolve around the turkey and sides. We cannot forget the other star of the table belonging to this beloved holiday -- cookies! While these sweet treats can seem overwhelming to make (especially considering all that goes into the homemade stuffing), we naturally made this really easy and found incredibly satisfying cookie recipes that are super simple to make.  

There are the traditional favorites that go over really well with the kids -- like adorable Pilgrim's Hat Cookies and Fall Leaves Sugar Cookies -- but there are also some sweets previously assumed to be too challenging to make. As it turns out, Pumpkin Whoopie Pies, Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies, and those Snowball treats like Grandma used to make aren't so difficult to make at all. Some of these are so easy that attempting to bake more than one batch isn't out of the question.

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The simplicity of these recipes also makes it so families can save the baking until after turkey dinner cleanup. Make creating desserts a family activity and fill the house with the sweet scents of the cookies' buttery deliciousness. These are the easiest recipes to help make that fun without adding any cooking stress.

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