'Top Chef: Texas' Recap: The Competition Gets Low

Top Chef TexasThings started off a little low tonight on Top Chef Texas as the contestants were asked to cook rattlesnake meat for the quickfire challenge. Padma Lakshmi showed her spicy side when she kicked off the competition by telling the chefs, "When time is up I'd better see some mother f***ing snakes on some mother f***ing plates!" Yes, ma'am.

From BBQ rattlesnake to rattlesnake Nicoise, the chefs got creative with the serpent meat. Can't say it was making me hungry (it's snake!), but it was interesting to see what they did with it. It was Dakota Weiss, however, who "really stood out" with her rattlesnake fritters, and $5,000 and immunity were hers. 

But that wasn't the last of some snake-like behavior, as some contestants were more than ready throw their fellow contestants under the bus in the elimination challenge already ... even if they were on the same team.


Poor Keith Rhodes was the one being thrown. He just couldn't catch a break during the challenge -- to cook a Mexican feast for a local young girl's Quinceanera. It was sad to see too, as he was one of my early favorites. I love his back story -- a former prisoner who turned his life around through cooking -- and was hoping he'd go far.

He did make some pretty significant mistakes, like choosing pre-cooked shrimp instead of fresh (though none of his teammates tried to stop him when he told them what he was doing!), but two teammates in particular -- Lindsay Autry and Sarah Gruenberg -- were more interested in blaming him than helping him out, even though it was a TEAM challenge.

His use of flour tortillas for the enchiladas was perhaps even a bigger misstep than the pre-cooked shrimp. Hugh called them burritos. But Sarah, who bragged that she's from Texas, and of course, she knows that all enchiladas are made from corn tortillas, didn't do anything to give him a heads up when she saw he was using flour ones. She's one I'd definitely watch my back around; her plus Lindsay seem like a duo headed for drama.

So when the pink team lost -- due in large part to the enchiladas -- it was sadly Keith who was sent home. I wish he'd got a chance to stay around longer and prove himself, but those were some pretty big and basic mistakes, so I can't say I'm surprised he was the one to go.

With Keith gone, I don't have any strong favorites at this point, though I do have a craving for a big burrito right now.

Were you sad to see Keith go? Would you eat rattlesnake meat?

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