Rachael Ray & Guy Fieri Can Totally Turn D-Listers Into Chefs

rachael ray and guy fieri new showIf there's anyone who could turn a bunch of D-list celebrities into chefs, it's Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri. The two have teamed up for a new reality cooking show airing January 1 called Celebrity Cook-Off, featuring celebrities squaring off against each other in the kitchen. It's true Rachael and Guy are probably the two Food Network hosts that viewers would like to muzzle the most, thanks to their incessant use of over-the-top cutsey language. But, provided you can stand to watch them for six episodes, they're just the sort of big personalities needed to keep THIS crew of celebrities in line in the kitchen:


Get a load of the eight celebrity contestants in the first season. In no particular order, the cast will include: Summer Sanders (Olympic gold medalist swimmer and national sportscaster); Lou Diamond Phillips (Golden Globe-nominated actor); Aaron Carter; Joey Fatone (he of 'N Sync fame); Taylor Dayne; Coolio; Cheech Marin; and Alyssa Campanella (Winner, Miss USA 2011).

I know what you're thinking: Annoying chef + crazy has-been celebrities = total train-wreck. But I actually think the show could really work. Hear me out on this one: With so many crazy celebrities from the past with questionable culinary skills (Taylor Dayne! Joey Fatone! Aaron Carter!), this show is just like the very watchable and addictive Celebrity Rehab; except instead of being hopped up on illegal substances, these celebs will be high on kitchen gas fumes.

Plus, Rachael and Guy are the perfect mentors to coach the celebrities in this culinary showdown. Both of them are the quintessential "every man" and "every woman" in the kitchen -- that's the shtick that made them so very famous and so very ... everywhere. And what's more satisfying to see the regular girl and guy keeping these celebrities on track? I can't think of anything!

Will you tune in to Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri's new show?


Image via Celebrity Cook-Off

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