10 Items Every Home Needs for the Holidays

cookie cuttersAs cheesy as it may sound, there's nothing like being home for the holidays. And I don't necessarily mean that one house that is your main address. Anywhere can feel like home, if you have the right people around you. Still, it doesn't hurt to have the right accoutrement -- aka holiday supplies! -- around, as well ... especially if you plan on entertaining! There really are certain must-have items every home must have this time of year. Here, 10 you should check your cupboards and shelves for STAT -- or else run out and pick up -- to better celebrate the "hap-happiest season of all!"

  1. Fun-shaped cookie-cutters. Nothing like baking up a homemade batch of sugar cookies and then having fun cutting them into stars, snowflakes, gingerbread men, Christmas trees, or menorahs, etc.
  2. Scented candles. I've always loved candles, but this year, I realized lighting ones that smell like sugar cookies (ahem, you know, when you're not doing #1), pine trees, cranberries, or pumpkin pie can change the entire vibe of your home and make everything feel 100x cozier. Love, love, love!
  3. Cocoa and marshmallows. At some point, someone's going to end up craving a nice steamy mug of hot cocoa. Must have!
  4. Pretty, cozy blankets. It's always nice to have a seasonally-themed blanket or throw around on the couches, when you or even your guests want to snuggle up with a mug of gingerbread tea or eggnog. Mmm.
  5. Wine and/or champagne. Someone is going to want to make a toast (even if it's just "Cheers!") at some point after all, right?
  6. Seasonal music you love. Whether it's the Rat Pack, Christmas carols, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, or kids' tunes like "Frosty the Snowman," holiday-ish playlists always come in handy -- whether you're entertaining or wanting to enjoy a festive soundtrack while baking.
  7. Beverage coasters. With all that tea, cocoa, wine, and eggnog, it couldn't hurt to have a few of these lying around!
  8. Festive tablecloth. It's always nice to jazz up the dinner table with holiday-themed table runners.
  9. Games. Board or video games with a holiday twist can serve as a fun post-dinner activity for guests or family.
  10. Photos of loved ones. Although you may have these out all year long, making sure they're framed and prominently displayed adds a little extra love to the home (and it couldn't hurt if the loved ones featured in those pics stop by!).

What are some of your home essentials around the holidays?


Image via Alisha Vargas/Flickr

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