5 Reasons Panda Poop Tea Doesn't Stink

panda poop teaWhen the news broke this week that a wildlife expert in China is planning to launch a new tea that uses panda feces as fertilizer for the brew, tea drinkers around the world responded with a collective explanation of "DISGUSTING!" Not so fast. These people are perhaps being a little too discriminating, not to mention the fact ignoring the many benefits and advantages of drinking such a concoction. Here are five reasons panda poop tea is totally the sh*t.


1. It can cure cancer (maybe). Bamboo is thought to contain an element that can prevent cancer. Pandas eat bamboo. Now, you see how tea fertilized with panda excrement could potentially be marketed as a life-saver.

2. It costs $36,000 per pound. You can brag to everyone you know that you are the proud drinker of one the most expensive teas in the world (and one that might one day be included in the Guinness Book of World Records). This will impress them and make them like you even more.

3. It has a rich, mature, nutty flavor. Obviously, when choosing a tea, taste is key. The producer of panda poop tea has made no secret of the fact that pandas have a very poor digestive system. So how does this translate into maturity and nuttiness? Because they're absorbing about 30 percent of what they eat, their excrement is rich in fibres and nutrients. Mmmmmm.

4. It's natural. Lots of things we eat are fertilized with animal excrement (and probably worse things, too). To be scared of panda poop tea is to be scared of practically everything.

5. Drinks made from animal excrement are hip and trendy. Move over Earl Grey and other widely popular beverages, ridiculously expensive feces beverages are the next new thing. First it was $800 coffee made from cat poo; now panda poop tea. What WILL they think of next? *Shudder.*

Would you drink panda poop tea?

Image via lrargerich/Flickr

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